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Discussion in 'Muzzle Loading' started by alfakilo, Sep 23, 2020.

  1. alfakilo

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    I've just bought a Uberti 1858 Remington pistol. I plan on loading 25 gr of powder but am unsure of how to get this amount delivered. I use a cylinder type flask with a 20 gr spout for my 1851 Colt, but cannot find a 25 gr spout for it.

    What is the best way to load a 25 gr charge into the Uberti?
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  2. TXplt

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  3. runfiverun

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    make yourself a dipper.
    cut off a rifle cartridge case, wrap a paper clip around the extractor groove and there you go.
    or you could get all fancy and braze a rifle case to a larger pistol case then file it down to the size you need.

    or buy yourself a LEE plastic dipper set and use the appropriate dipper like I did for the 38 cal.
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  4. Jack Ryan

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    Everyone should have one of those adjustable measures. When you find something you want to load over and over you get a longer spout for your powder flask than you need and start cutting it shorter until it fills the adjustable one just right.
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  5. austinjoe13

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  6. Outpost75

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    A .357 Magnum case used as a bulk measure should be real close to 25 grains of 3Fg. Unless your Uberti chambers are bottle-shaped to reduce capacity, (which is commonly done for the brass-frame guns to reduce potential powder capacity), the chambers should hold 28-30 grains of Goex 3Fg filling the chambers within about 5/16" of the front of the cylinder mouths. Then using a lubricated felt wad under a round ball you should feel powder compression at the end of the rammer stroke, as the ball is seated flush to its full depth, which is exactly what you want.
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  7. alfakilo

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    Thanks to all for your help! For now until I get more familiar with black powder shooting, I'm going to stick with the gun manual info. That means 25gr of powder and I'm going to use 777 with a felt wad over it and topped off with a Hornady .454 round ball with Bore Butter to seal everything.

    I'm using a CVA flask with a 25gr spout that I found on-line.

    Should get the gun this afternoon and then off to the range tomorrow morning!
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  8. Big Dog

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    Yep, exactly what I did.
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  9. austinjoe13

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    Be sure to have FFFg sized powder for it.
  10. Outpost75

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    Also be aware that different manufacturers of black powder vary in bulk density, Swiss or KIK being more dense than Goex and Goex being more dense than Elephant. When using real black powder, I always double-check a volumetric measure against a scale, adjusting for the powder which I am actually using.

    But black powder substitutes do not have the same density as black, and so are measured by comparing to the volume equivalent of "average" black powder. Bordering upon alchemy!
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  11. Jack Ryan

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    You'll know when you are over loading it because the bullet won't go down enough to turn the cylinder.

    Thats how I measure 'em any way.
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