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  1. I just bought a 1979 .44 carbine for $500. It's NIB with the papers and the box, and it has never been fired! I've hunted a decent .44 for years and never found one. Now, I've got one that I won't shoot.

    How did I come out on this deal? Any opinions? I guess I'll get a Deerfield to shoot!
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    Shooters go for $400 to $450. They have been very collectable up until lately. I guess the answer can only come from you...sounds to me like you're happy about it. Enjoy !

  3. Emerald Coast, hmm.. that sounds like Panama City. Yes! I am pleased, and I have Deerfield on the way for a shooter. It's nice to hear from local folks. I live between the grand metropolises of Vernon and Wausau. Thanks for your reply! By the way, my youngest son is named Logan. I hope I don't need to use one of these rifles on you. Ha! Ha!