.44 mag and Blue Dot?

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    I happen to have a decent number of 200 grain Nosler HPs sitting around. They are the cheapest of the various .429 bullets I have on hand. I also need to spend some time shooting the Redhawk prior to deer season.

    Perusing the manuals, I find that I get about the same velocity with 16 grains of Blue Dot that I can with 28 grains of H110. I paid the same for a pound of each. Therefore, I plan to load up practice ammo with Blue Dot and the Noslers. Hunting loads will be XTPs over H110, either 200 or 240 grainers.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has anything to say about Blue Dot in a .44. I have noticed that the H110 burns a lot cleaner and seemingly a bit quieter than 2400 and wonder about the Blue Dot over a mag primer.
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    I believed I did use Blue Dot ages ago, for 240 grain jacketed loads, but I have been using Ramshot Enforcer or 2400 lately.

    I've always used magnum primers for all of them.

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    I definitely advise contacting Alliant powder first.They have a pressure problem for some reason using light bullets and bluedot in .44mag.I can't remember what it was but I think I would check with them first. ,,,sam.
  4. Not trying to be a smart a$$ or any thing but my sierra manual lists max load for 210gr bullets at 25.2gr with H110 going 1500 fps and a max load with 240gr bullets with H110 of 24.2 gr going 1400 fps. Unless you are talking about 180 grain bullets which the max load with H110gr is 29gr going 1600 fps. Of which 16gr of Bluedot is not even a starting load with 180gr bullets. Keep in mind Sierra doesn't list a 200 gr bullet though. Alliant Powder - Reloader's Guide

    Cartridge Loads - Hodgdon Reloading Data Center - data.hodgdon.com

    Just checked both websites and you'll be losing about 300 fps with the Bluedot. Guess I need to get my Hornady manual back from dad so I can cross reference. Just want ya to be safe that's all.
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  5. https://www.gunandgame.com/forums/powder-keg/57002-alliant-powder-blue-dot-safety-notice.html

    I always liked Blue Dot in my 44 Mag. I never tried it with a 200gr bullet though.
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    ^ Jim,you're a real asset to the forum,(and a good all around man) the deal I heard about,the guy was using 180,s and they stuck in the chamber as I recall.Can't remember except it was light bullets.Never used it myself. ,,,sam.
  7. Thanks sam. I only used it with 240-300 grainers. I do know of people having trouble with it in cold weather. I think there is a thread about it on Cast Boolits.
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    Both the loads I listed were from recent manuals, I think it was Speer, but will check later today. JIMKIM and Sam, thanks for the heads up and the info!