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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Jerry K., Mar 17, 2002.

  1. Jerry K.

    Jerry K. Guest

    I'll try this on this site. Does anyone know of a good holster for a S & W 629, 44 Mag., 8" barrel(with or without a scope)? I'm talking about a western/hip style holster.
  2. Joe B.

    Joe B. Guest

    Jerry, Try big ED at San Pedro Saddlery in Tombstone AZ. A couple years back he made for me a modern style western cross draw holster and belt with 12 loops. I had looked everywhere and could not find what I wanted. The rig that he made me was semi- custom, based on one of his designs that is not in his website catalog. I imagine it could be built for strong side carry as well. He will sell the holster only if thats what you want. The holster/belt combo is extremely comfortable for carrying a heavy hand gun. He will add as many cartridge loops to the belt as you specify. The holster he built for me is for use without a scope, but he should be able to accommadate you. The holster and belt are soft pigskin lined. As I said, this particular holster is not in the online catalog so you will have to e-mail him or call. For a look at some of his stuff go to

    Good luck,Joe

  3. Jerry K.

    Jerry K. Guest

    Thanks Joe, I almost gave up on getting an answer from some one. I have alot of relatives in Ariz. that could help me out at big Ed. In fact I may be going to Ariz. for my vacation. I'd rather talk to Ed face to face and take along the scope.

    Thanks again, Jerry K.