.44 Ruger carbine

Discussion in 'Ruger' started by panhandler, Apr 28, 2002.

  1. I just bought a .44 Ruger carbine NIB made in 1979. It has never been fired, outside the factory! I paid $500 for it, but now I can't shoot it because of collector value.

    How did I come out on this deal? Any opinions?

    I guess I'll buy a Deerfield to shoot.
  2. Cuzzin Mitch

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    :D Well cuzzin, it's my humble opinion that ya got a OK deal.Any less than 500 an you woulda got the
    clean end o the stick, any more than 500 and ya woulda got the crappy end.
    Trouble now though, like ya said, ya can't shoot her due to collectability factors.:(
    Good idee bout gettin the Deerfield ta use as a shooter, but now ya are gonna have a cash outlay
    of 900.00 er so between tha two jest so's ya kin shoot one of em.Jest ma personal views on sech things, but I don't buy shootin irons ta look at,
    I buys'em ta shoot an enjoy and I takes good care of em so if'n when tha time comes ta trade er sell,I makes a little dinero er ah breaks even.
    My advice is:hide one of em from the Mrs.and don't breath a word to her bout it.;)
    Good luck cuzzin, congrats on tha Ruger carbine!
    Later, yer ol cuzzin Mitch. :cool:

  3. Cuz, the Mrs. is pissed! But I got a Deerfield fo' nar 'round $300. Ain't that sweet music! So I's thinks I's come out mo' better on this deal!
  4. Cuzzin Mitch

    Cuzzin Mitch G&G Newbie

    :D Hey thar cuzzin Panhandler.
    So cares if the Mrs. is pissed? Least ways you cuz.
    Ya got 2 new shootin irons ta cushion tha blows from tha brow beatins ya been a takin.
    Sounds like a fair ta middlin trade off ta me cuz.
    Yea cuz, ya got a good deal on yer Deerfield.that should help take tha sting offin tha hen peckin ya been a gettin. Later cuz, Mitch:cool: