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I have done some load work ups using H4895 and H4198, but it has all been done with Noslers 250 gr. Partition bullet.

The gun I used to work up these loads was T/C Encore with a 15" barrel with a fixed 2x B&L scope.

I shot at 50yds. using a bench with sand bags and achieved 1.5" accuracy using 46.0grs. of H4198. This is listed as 2263fps for a 240gr. slug so it's probably a little slower with the 250gr. pill.

Recoil is stiff but not unbearable in the Encore and rocks ya in the 444 Marlin lever action which accuracy at a 100yds is right at or under 2".

Hope this helps. Here again, load development for your particular set-up should be done gradually.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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