44Magnum Winchester 94 question

Discussion in 'Winchester' started by JS44, Jun 15, 2002.

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    I looked at a used Winchester 94 Trapper in .44 magnum today at a gun shop. It's one of the ones that came before that safety button in the reciever.
    The rifling in the barrel looks something like Marlin's micro-groove rifling.
    I've been told more than once that using lead bullets in a barrel with micro-goove rifling causes leading/accuracy problems.
    I use mostly all 240 gr. HARD cast SWC loads with 20-22 gr of 2400 in my Redhawk and S&W 29. There IS leading but it's never too bad with these and it's mostly alll near the back of the barrel near the forcing cone. When I'm done shooting I just fire one or two rounds of jacketed bullets through it and that gets most all of it out.
    I'd like to have a 44 mag lever action carbine that will do okay with hard cast lead bullets at magnum velocities.

    Now the Quesion;
    Is the rifling that Winchester uses on the 44 Trapper okay with lead bullets?