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45-70 has been problematic
I loaded some rounds
Everything is in spec
The cartriges go through the chamber gauge perfectly
COAL is correct
.458 diameter projectiles and they won't feed in a Henry rifle..
It seems the projectile engages the lands and grooves which are sharp at the end of the chamber
Trunchiated cone factory loaded cartriges work fine
My home loads don't.
It's a Lee 340gr .458 RNFP
Loaded at the cap groove.
Has anyone has this same problem?
I called Henry
Their bore diameter is .450...
That's tight as hell for 45-70
Is this common? Has anyone else had this problem?

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Here's what I did
I talked to the technical guy at Henry their bore is .450
And they do not ream the throat of their rifles.
If I have that done it's me.
The RNPF 340gr lee bullets are known for hanging up in Henry actions.
So I stead of seating the projectile to the provided crimp groove
I went 1 tenth of an inch past that
Did a 4 finger crimp instead of a roll crimp and
The problem is resolved.
These are functioning fine now..
When roll crimping it will cause a slight bulge in the case behind the crimp. That and the bullets engaging the rifling
The sharp edge of the rifling all contributed to these stoppages.
In The future I will size everything to .452
And seat them deeper on the case.
These Henry's have tight bores and tight chambers.
All these rounds all passed a chamber gauge.
It's not necessary to use
.458 diameter projectiles with a Henry rifle
That is excessive
From Now on I will use .452 lead projectiles.
And avoid roll crimping.
I find it hard to believe that such peculiarities will exsist inside of one caliber
I would like to try the remaining original bullets I loaded in a trap door or a sharps or a break open rifle to see If they will work fine...
Ill bet this is a Henry rifle only issue.
That's not a bad thing

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