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Discussion in 'Muzzle Loading' started by Lightweight, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. Lightweight

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    I pulled out my inline .45 caliber the other day while digging through supplies, and I realized I don't have many rounds left for it. In searching for factory options, there don't seem to be many, and they ain't cheap.

    Has the .45 faded out? Seemed that it was the velocity answer a few years back, but the .50 is the only choice now.

    I'm probably just going to order a few packs of MMP sabots for .357 or .40 cal handgun bullets and pick up some inexpensive range fodder bullets.

  2. rando

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    Mar 27, 2010
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    It seems that the 45 cal is being phased out like you said. Im a fan of the 45 cal blackpowder rifles and have three of them. I have two older percussion and one inline. I shoot the 45 powerbelt ammo I believe it is called. It is the bullet and wad in one piece. They are available at most walmarts and sporting goods stores but sell quick. I killed a few deer with mine and favor it over the 50. I also bought my son an inline 45 years ago and he uses his also. I shoot the lead roundball or maxiballs in the older percusions. There is a lot to be found online if you google for blackpowder supplies.
  3. thrillbilly

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    I also like PowerBelt bullets...Im not a sabot fan.

    Walmarts here locally sell .45 powerbelts every year around deer season.
  4. jwrauch

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    Apr 8, 2010
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    +++++ on the 45 cal powerbelts. JR
  5. writerinmo

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    I switched to cast REAL bullets in my .50, I was getting either plastic fouling or powder residue so bad that I had to run a wet patch after only about three shots. The REAL bullets clean as you load them and no sabots needed.
  6. sourdough44

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    I shoot a 45 cal(Knight), it's taken over the main duties from the 50, for me. The 2 common saboted bullets are the 200 grn Hornady SST & the 195 grn Barnes copper bullet. Just order them from Midway, Cabelas or wherever. I use Blackhorn 209 powder. I shoot cheap 9mm bullets held in a sabot for range plinking.

    I went to the 45 for just a little more speed. I have a chrony, but haven't had a chance to measure yet.
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