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Discussion in 'Colt' started by Mike Franklin, May 20, 2008.

  1. I use a 200 gr LRNFP Bullet while shooting Cowboy Action.
    For hunting or serious shooting I'd like to use the same bullet with Unique. I'm thinking about 8.3 gr of Unique should give me about 900 FPS.
    Any of ya ever use a similar load?
  2. RugerBob

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    I use the LRNFP in 200 and 255 grain. Use 9 grs Unique for the 200 and 8 grs Unique for the 250. As far as hunting goes, I use as 300 grain hollow point with Unique. These are all 45LC. Both handguns are Rugers. Rifle is Rossi mod 92 with 24" octagon barrel. Don't know FPS as I don't own a chrono yet. Good luck, Bob

  3. samuel

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    If I were thinking of hunting with a .45lc,I would be using a Ruger or the equivalent.The light bullets might be ok if they are pushed above 1200fps.I would however be using 250gr or such.If using a revolver strong enough to take pressures strong enough to make a .45lc viable for hunting deer or such,I would load 250,s to at least 1100fps. This will give the game a better chance to die a clean and merciful death,and you a better chance to take home what you shot at. sam.
  4. gandog56

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    My old Hodgdon manual says 8.0-9.0 grains of Unique, for velocities of 838-888 ft/sec for a 200 grain bullet.
  5. I like 7.5 grs. of Unique and a 255 gr. cast lead bullet. It's a good target load for my .45 Anaconda. Quite mild.

    Your 8.3 grs. with a 200 gr. bullet sounds good for targets and OK for a carry load, but it seems a bit light for hunting.
  6. This load would be a smaller game, javalina size, screwing around load.
    I've killed deer with factory .45 Colt loads. A 225 -250 gr bullet at between 900 and 950 works just fine.
  7. Purdy

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    As I recall, Unique is kind of dirty, leaves lots of residue on the gun.
  8. gandog56

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    The newer stuff is a little better, and I clean all my guns immediately after every range session anyway. I only use it because it's so durned good in so many different loads and calibers.
  9. jackar

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    Unique in a .45 Colt

    I don't load much anymore for the .45 Colt but always used Unique with the 255 gr. Lyman 454190 Bullet. Elmer Keith used that bullet with 40 grains of black powder for a lot of his hunting. That was the bullet that was used when the SAA was introduced in 1873 and still going strong.