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45 Colt vs 44 Rem Mag

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I'm told that 45 Colt can be handloaded to be on a par with 44 Rem Mag. Would these loads work in a Taurus Tracker revolver, or should the Tracker only use standard loads and save the heavy ones for a Ruger? Would standard Colt 45 loads out of a 6" barrel be sufficient for a backup deer hunting arm? How do they compare with 45 ACP? Or with 357 Rem Mag?

Next, how would 44 Rem Mag and 45 Colt compare with reloading costs? I'm talking about cheap bullets for plinking; hunting and defensive bullets would be a rare expense. Are cheap bullets for one less expensive than for the other? Black powder loads would also be used, and since 45 Colt has a slightly larger capacity, it seems the better choice if I were going BP only.
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Just about any centerfire handgun can be used as a backup gun when deer hunting. Deer aren't really all that tough. A head shot with most rounds will finish them off quickly.

Cost-wise the .44 Mag and the .45 Colt can both be handloaded for about the same price using cast lead bullets. If you go to loads beyond 1100 fps you will have to use jacketed bullets to avoid leading. Generally speaking the heavier the bullet the higher the price, regardless of caliber.

In my opinion the .45 Colt is a better choice for blackpowder. Fun, too. Lead bullets only, no jacketed stuff.
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