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45 Colt vs 44 Rem Mag

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I'm told that 45 Colt can be handloaded to be on a par with 44 Rem Mag. Would these loads work in a Taurus Tracker revolver, or should the Tracker only use standard loads and save the heavy ones for a Ruger? Would standard Colt 45 loads out of a 6" barrel be sufficient for a backup deer hunting arm? How do they compare with 45 ACP? Or with 357 Rem Mag?

Next, how would 44 Rem Mag and 45 Colt compare with reloading costs? I'm talking about cheap bullets for plinking; hunting and defensive bullets would be a rare expense. Are cheap bullets for one less expensive than for the other? Black powder loads would also be used, and since 45 Colt has a slightly larger capacity, it seems the better choice if I were going BP only.
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I recognize that strain gage from Stress and Strain Analysis. Very good info, thanks!

I've been thinking of doing some personal studies of velocity out of a successively shortening barrel to study powder burn rates and estimate pressure curves under various conditions. I'd do this by shortening the barrel down to nothing and estimating pressure based on acceleration.
BRG get on the web site that is in that post. That cutting the barrel thing has already been done for ya there.
ONe simple method is to never leave a SAAMI spec when creating your ammo --that basically means do not go above the spec as it can be considered unsafe and possibly life threatening
Personally, I'd go with a hot .357 load out of a 6" barrel. I carry a Taurus 663 for white tail, and never needed any thing bigger.
Guys, I haven't heard anyone mention one very important fact: the .45 Colt CASE is NOT NEARLY AS THICK, NOR AS STRONG AS THE .44 MAGNUM! The Rugers are very strong, (I own one, with 7 1/2" barrel), but it's not the strength of the action that should be paramount, it's the thickness and strength of the CASE and what it will safely handle! Remember the .45 Colt has been around for about 100 years, and was originally designed for Black Powder!
Just my 2 cents worth-- My Ruger does very well with SWC bullets cast in a Lee mold, by the way
Shoot Safe, Ride safe!
Fred (Honcho)
I plan to shoot black powder primarily when I get mine, if I ever get the money.

I guess for the animals I have in mind at the ranges I'd ever use a standard sized revolver, regular loads will be fine.
Here,Here Mr. Wahl,I agree. Sometimes its just alls a feller can do to keep his/her powder dry!
Good Point Fred -- one thing I have found is the Starline Brass has a thicker case than the mainline manufacturers but it was also cited in the article I had read. One thing about BP is that you never have to worry about a high pressure situation. Unburned powder is normally just blown out the barrel.
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