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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by sharpshooter, Apr 11, 2002.

  1. sharpshooter

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    my brother is thinking of getting himself .45 super. Can anyone give any information about the super? Is there .45acp loads that can match it? how much does .45 super ammo go for?
  2. Klaus

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    There have been several magnum class .45 rounds, can't say I've ever heard of the super, though.

  3. Jesse

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    .45 Super loaded to it's upper limits gives close to .44mag ballistics in a 1911. There is a complete conversion package from Ace Custom out of Texas(?). A competent gunsmith can install the components. Log a question in the 1911/clones forum for Don Williams, he has worked on these I think. Triton sells the ammo. I do not know the price because I've never bought any. No .45ACP load comes close to .45 Super. From what I've heard, the .45 Super is an impressive round and very accurate.

  4. Klaus

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    What is it? Is it a stretched .45 ACP?
  5. Big Dog

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    .45 Super is essentially a super-hot loaded .45ACP. Same case dimensions, but using rifle brass for it's greater strength. The pistols receive heavier springs, and some other mods. The pistol is still able to use standard .45ACP, so you have the equivalent of the .357/.38 system, in 45 caliber. It's a cost effective way to get magnum performance without having to buy another gun.
    I think velocity is in the area of 1400FPS. I haven't seen anything on long-term reliability, though.
  6. wes

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    You can check out the .460 Rowland for even a bit more punch.
  7. JohnD

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    I doubt the 1911 will stand up to 44 mag even high end 10mm are hard on these guns.
  8. Hangfire

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    If I remember right it seems like the most important modifications done to a 45 acp converted to a super is a heavier recoil spring (usually a full length recoil spring guide) and firing pin spring. IMO...reloading is the way to go with super ammo otherwise re-mortage the house. :D
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  9. oneastrix

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    I think Glock made one, but I haven't seen or heard anything about it in a while. If you want a hot .45 load, try Speer Gold Dot 200gr +p. That round is moving for something that heavy...... My Kimber loves that round.