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    My local gun store has a lever gun for sale in .454 Casull. It is called a "Puma". It looks a lot like a Winchester 92. I know that Rossi made many copies of the 92. Is the "Puma" a Rossi? Are they any good? I am tempted. The rifle is lightweight, compact, and seems very powerful.
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    can't be 100% but Puma does sound familiar with the Rossi brand (which is good) Sounds like a good gun to have. the kicker woud be to have a pistol in the same caliber.

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    Yes, what you are looking at is a Rossi 92 Puma. Legacy Sports International is one of few importers that import Rossi. I have several Rossi 92's (Interarms) and I haven't had any problems with them at all. I do not have one in 454 Casull, yet. I am hoping that they will come out with a saddle ring model. If not when I see one for a decent price I'll pick one up. The manufactures retail price is $462.00, but a gun dealers price is around $380.00 or so. I'll pay the $380.00 plus 10%. :D

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    I know this is an old thread, but the box on my new Rossi says it's Made by Taurus and imported for sale by Rossi... Also says Braztech (Probably spelled wrong) Mine is the Stainless 454. It took a lot of searching to find one w/o going online and paying too much.
    So, is that a change?
    Hopefully that helps someone else who is looking.
  5. Sounds like this rifle would make a nice Hog getter...A.H
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    no its the same rifle, braztech is the maker and they were imported by rossi, then dropped when taurus bought them and picked up by legacy arms. And are currently being sold as the puma brand. Mine is blued but still great fun to shoot.
  7. Here they are at Bud's. Out of stock but gives a good description.

    Guns for Sale
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  8. If Bud's Gun Shop is out of them then it's a good Indication there a good seller.

    I may go to a company that is a seller to gun dealers only and see what there stock is as well as dealer cost and retail in a little while...A.H
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    454 Lever

    My local gun store hasn't had any in that cal. (454/45LC) for over 1 year now. Are they still making/selling these? BTW, love mine.
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    I'd wait till the raging circuit judge came out, wasn't a fan of the judge till the circuit judge and now got my eye on the raging judge XXVIII 28 ga but can't wait to see the numbers on a 55 cal pistol round to go in it. till then just gonna hang tight with my mossberg 100 atr .243, rem 870 12 ga, and charter arms target patriot .327 mag, and if need be borrow the wifes rem 770 .243 or mossberg maverick 88 12 ga.