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458 Winchester Magnum BAR

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I know I'll have one taker, Doglips...

458 Winchester Magnum has the same base as the 338 and 300 Win Mags, which are chambered in the modern BAR. If my SAAMI specs are right, pressure is lower on the 458. So that leaves the question, could the BAR be feasibly chambered in 458 Winchester Magnum? Or am I leaving out an important part of the equation? Only concern I had was feeding geometry with the straight walled cartridge and how high the recoil force would be between the receiver and the buttstock.

Any thoughts, wants, hates, jokes? Come on, we're used to this by now...
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Someone on another forum said there was a reason 458 was too heavy for the BAR. Then I found the specs on the 450 Marlin, which has similar base dimensions. Think it would be good in the BAR?
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