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    I know that some of you are thinking of contacting your respective military Personnel Office to be recalled for the War against terrorism. You should know that there is a special category for retirees.
    It's called "4I."
    Recently we found out about this category when a retired military officer called Military Personnel to volunteer for the war. He was told that he would be put into the category of 4I.
    He said, "I know what 4F is, but what is 4I?"
    The officer at Military Personnel replied, "When the enemy gets to 4th and I Streets in Washington, DC; we will call you."
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    That's a little too close for even the fed's. By then they should be sending up smoke signals, too.


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    I am guarding 111th st in Toledo, with us all guarding our home sectors we are unbeatable! My only problem is my backs to the water, no retreat possible,hmmm, I think I need that boat I've always wanted.....oh honey!.....
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    I'm guarding my home and the states of Kansas and Missouri with my air pistol and who knows what else?

    I'm not going to expose my arsonal on this forum.

    :D :nod: