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Mossberg 4x4 rifles

Discussion in 'Mossberg' started by Draken, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. Draken

    Draken G&G Regular

    Anyone fire one of these yet? I'm looking for a .300 win mag and by the reviews I have found this looks like the best price/performance bolt gun out there and I'm just wondering what all of you think about it.

  2. TomAnsley

    TomAnsley G&G Addict

    I just saw where they now have as an option fluted barrels and muzzlebreaks-I am getting interseted too.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    I like 'em...Mossberg quality.
  4. waterdog

    waterdog G&G Enthusiast

    I've got the ATR , shoots way better than the price tag.
  5. chihuahuaken

    chihuahuaken G&G Newbie

    4x4's and ATR's

    I just got rid of my atr 270. I had been having mis-fires and returned the rifle 3 times. Mossberg customer service was ineffective in addressing this issue each time returned. The last time I was told the bolt was redesigned to eliminate this problem. This happened with both factory and handload ammo. Happened on the last two hunts and I had enough. I also read all the reviews and felt comfortable buying Mossberg. Do some homework and spend a couple hundred more for other rifles. I ended up with a TC.
  6. longshooter234

    longshooter234 G&G Regular

    is there any real difference between the 100 atr and the 4x4 other than the muzzle brake?
  7. jasonl

    jasonl G&G Newbie

    Off the top of my head.... 4x4 has a magazine, offered in only long action and short mag, more stock configurations ie: laminated,skelitonized etc.. probably some more i am missing?
  8. Joe Shmoe

    Joe Shmoe G&G Newbie

    I've also been interested in the 4x4; I've been looking for a mid-priced .30-06 bolt rifle and one of my ideas id the 4x4 (the muzzle brake is pretty cool, whether it's needed or not :)).
  9. weeksym

    weeksym G&G Newbie

    4x4 25-06

    I purchased a mossberg 4x4 25-06 and have had nothing but problems!!! My first time shooting this after mounting my scope and boresighting was great it hit dime size targets the first 2 shots!!! Then came the problem, I went to eject the shell and the extractor broke. I called Mossberg and they sent me a new extractor within 2 days. I put the extractor in and shot 2 more times and it broke again. I called Mossberg again, and I sent the whole gun in this time. I got it back and shot 4 more times and it broke AGAIN. I'm waiting until Monday to call again. If anyone can help me with this please let me know. By the way I bought this gun in November.
  10. okiediver72

    okiediver72 G&G Newbie

    Sorry I'm late, I haven't been on in awhile and don't post often, but wanted to save someone some money. I got a 4x4 in 25-06 and am to the point that I don't even bring it in the house anymore, it's just not worth the effort. At 100yds a good group for this rifle is 6" or better. I thought the initial problem was the fact that the channel in the fore-end wasn't centered and the barrel rubbed against one side and had lot's of clearance on the other. I called their customer service and talked to people that likely didn't even know which end of a firearm a bullet comes out of. I then sent the rifle back to the factory in Eagle Pass, Texas with a brief description of what was going on, and after talking to a tech at the factory. They sent the rifle back with a target shot at 50yds. The rifle appeared to be untouched. I sent back my own target shot at 100yds that looked like it'd been shot with a shotgun, a lengthy letter explaining where the barrel rubbed one side of the fore-end (w/ several pictures with arrows pointing to each side of the barrel where THAT particular problem was) and an explanation that a "floated barrel" shouldn't be rubbing anywhere. I got the rifle back and it looked like they sanded the channel on that side so the barrel no longer rubbed there. Sorry for the rant, but I'll never buy another Mossberg product, the initial quality was non-existent, as was customer service. I still have the rifle, and occasionally tinker with it, I may try to bed the barrel and action, but I'm doubtful that anything will help it. I don't even want to sell it to someone because I don't want to screw someone else with this thing!
  11. okiediver72

    okiediver72 G&G Newbie

    OK, another very late post about my adventures with the Mossberg 4X4. I glass bedded the action and out a little under the barrel. The groups are around an inch at 50 yards with some loads. The difference between loads is as much as five or six inches at 50 yards. I'd say that I just have horrible handloads except that my 7 mag loads don't do this at 100 yards and this rifle does it with factory ammo as well. All in all it's a pretty gun but this whole experience has soured me to Mossberg.
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