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:D I decided to leave my model 94 at home and use my # 5 jungle carbine a day of walking drives. The rifle was so short and light, it was a joy to carry. The bolt is so slick they guys I was hunting with thought I was shooting a semi auto at running deer.
I shot 2 does on the drives; I have a new love in this awsome little rifle!
Is there a trick to loading the magazine full? I can only get about 5 in it if I keep the case rims in front of the one below. If I stack them on top of each other it seems at least one will hook the case below and not chamber
Does anyone have any good hand loads for 174 or 180 gr rn bullets? I was shooting speer 180 gr with 40 gr IMR 3031 and standard rifle primers. Thanks for any input
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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