$5000 Reward offered for info on who put a Trump 2020 sticker on a bear collar..

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  1. neophyte

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    disgust: degrading

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  2. Get Out

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    Hmm, Appears there's a chance for a visitor or resident of Ashville to get 5K here somewhere just for information. My guess is it was put on there by the person or people that put on the collars.

    "There was a trump sticker on that tree trunk by the trash cans and the bear used it as a scratching post and the sticker must have rubbed off and stuck to the bear's collar instead". "Can I have my 5K in ammo in lieu of cash?"
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  3. runfiverun

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    only a dumbass is gonna go looking for someone that can wrangle a bear long enough to put a sticker on it's collar.
  4. Bigfoot

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    Afton NY
    You gotta laugh at someone's sense of humor that put the sticker on the collar. The madder the liberals get the more i laugh. Hope the bear visits every liberal's garbage can in the county. Tee hee hee!
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  5. neophyte

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    what fun :)


    Photo: Help Asheville Bears via Facebook

    ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WJHL) – A group dedicated to helping bears in North Carolina has offered a $5,000 reward for information after a bear was discovered with a Trump campaign sticker on its collar.

    According to a post from Help Asheville Bears-HAB, this is the second time since 2019 that a bear has been found with a similar type of sticker on it.
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  6. rando

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    I hope there are more bear collars out there with the same sticker. I think the bear has the right to show his preference.
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  7. Brother Bob

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    Well folks if cats that have been dead for 12 years can receive a voter registration card, so can bears. You all are so racist! If it would have been a polar bear and not a black bear there wouldn’t have been all this fuss. :p:usa::usa2:
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  8. blue fox

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    Guess I would be a "dumbass" cause I would like to meet that person. Of course I intend to by him/her a drink and become their friend.:D sure as heck don't intend to pick a fight with them.
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  9. PaleHawkDown

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    I bet it wouldn't even be hard to put a sticker on a bear's collar like that. If you ever drive through the Smokies, the black bears there are practically tame. I've never fed one, but every time I drive through the park up there I will see some idiot feeding and petting a bear from a car window. Might be the same in this other area.
  10. blaster

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    ^ thats what I'm thinking. its a garbage can suburban bear. somewhere in that neighborhood there is some Trump supporter that's crazy enough to have fed and tamed the bear enough to be able to pet it & put the sticker on the collar. at first I thought it might have been a Trump supporting researcher that was studying the bear. but based on the scientists and people that I know personally in that field, they are generally bunny hugger types that would almost certainly be liberal or at best never Trumpers. even if one of them would want to put the sticker on the sedated bear's collar, the others probably wouldn't let him. I would like to hope I'm wrong and that it was a Conservative researcher but I doubt it.
  11. rando

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    Blaster you are very correct about a conservation officer or wildlife officer putting the sticker on the collar. There are usually like 4-5 or more personnel involved when they collar these bears. My son has had the opportunity to do it at least a few times. I did have pics he sent me but cant find them. He and another wildlife officer would meet with researchers from a university. They also may have some volunteer students tagging along. They only collar during hibernation time to make it easier. Sow is usually sleeping with several cubs under a fallen tree or a small crevice in the forest. They locate and tranquilize the sow. The cubs are usually harmless because of young. The cubs usually stay with mom. If they run which is rare then they use large fish landing nets to net them. They collar and take stats of bears and put back into same position where they were. The Sow usually only digs a shallow hole about the size of several five gallon buckets to shelter the cubs. He also has used the tracking device to track many and put new collars on them when batteries are failing. They change collar and replace batteries later. So anyhow you have many people involved in this and some may not like you putting a Trump sticker on a collar. Especially some of these younger ones coming out of school.
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  12. shop tom

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    If I turn myself in, do I get the reward?

    Asking for a friend.
  13. shop tom

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    Would be surprised to see a Biden sticker on a skunk. Or weasel.
  14. Rex in OTZ

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    I admit it, it was me!
    I used my Hypno Beam!:eek:
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  15. Yeah. Okay to punch holes in it's ears and wear a hot leather collar, but the sticker? HORRIBLE!

    Cruel & inhumane. I hope the catch the person who did it and throw him in jail for 30 years.

    Just kidding. I thought it was hilarious!
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