500c or 870 12 gauge

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  1. My friend says he knows a guy who has a 500c(20 gauge)that he might want to trade for my 12 gauge 870. He says its in excellent shape, and mine has some obvious signs of use, and probably older. I don't know what chokes he has, but I want to turkey hunt and squirrel hunt, so I want a full and turkey choke, and I have a modified, full, and extra full for mine. I might go see him tomorrow. Would this be a good trade? I prefer my 870 and my friend has an $80 500a Gamester(12 gauge)that I shot and don't really like(the retard that sold it to him painted the whole thing an ugly bluish black color , but it did seem like it kicked slightly less)and the forestock seemed kinda loose. But I wanted a 20 gauge first and still want one so I might take the chance and trade him.
  2. Personally,

    I would keep the eight seventy then do some research on barrels you might wish to add.

    It takes a great, great deal of shooting to put any real wear and tear on an eight seventy. Cosmetic wear does not count.

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    Keep the gun. Check into a different barrel or ammo types.
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    While I prefer the 500 to the 870. . . 12 is superior (and more valuable) than 20.

    The 870 is a good gun, and nicks, dings, and rust are inconsequential.
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    Barrels run about double or more for an 870.Mossy won't hold up as well if you get into target shooting (skeet,SC,s,trap)
  6. I traded for it. It has 5 chokes and slug barrel and is in great condition. And to me, it shoots great.
  7. Does anyone know where to get a good turkey choke for it? I think it's interchangeable with Winchester, Weatherby, Maverick 88, and Browning Invector.
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    Wally World or Meijer either one have the chokes.If they don't they can get them.I don't know about 20ga but a full choke in 12ga is .694" and turkey is .665".That is one he*l of a difference.They really do great.By the way Wally/Meyijer chokes are extended about 1".Simple to use.