5mm Remington Mag?????

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by jarcp, Apr 5, 2002.

  1. jarcp

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    Has anyone heard of this round? if so where can I buy some? how accurate is it? and is 100.00 a good price to pay for one?
  2. Jack O

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    Looked in my load manuals and came up wiht nothing. May be a wildcat though I doubt it. But for 100 bones I might consider it you know the only kid in the neighborhood with one. Have you seen the gun? what about a cartrige or at least a peace of spent brass? Hope this helps and have yourself a good one.

  3. BattleRifleG3

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    Yeah, look it over, as well as any ammo for it. Are you familiar with many other cartridges to compare it with?
  4. MikeC

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    The 5mm Rem Mag is/was a rimfire, so no reloading available. I'm not sure if anyone makes ammo for it. If you want it, you should check around to see if there is any ammo available.
  5. SteveG

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    To add to Mike C, it is also a bottle neck cartridge. You can try Old Western Scrounger. They specalize in obsolete cartridges. It won't be cheap, $50 or so per box of 50. You may also get lucky and find some at a gun show. From what I understand, it is becoming a collector's round.

    Good luck to you sir.
  6. Big Dog

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    Here is an interesting site, involving converting the 5mm Rem Mag to centerfire:

    ... is a wildcat cartridge, which externally is dimensionally identical to the original
    5MM Remington Magnum, except for the primer pocket and flash hole.

    This is the site of an engineering company that will convert a Remington rimfire rifle in 5mm Rem Mag to centerfire, modifying the bolt. Then you order the dies and brass from them, and in the LONG run, it will save you some money on ammo.
    The rimfire ammo goes for upwards of $50 a box or more, if you can find it. The rifles were made for only a couple years, the ammo for another 11 years. I've seen two rifles, and the owners occasionally find the ammo at gunshows. $100 for a rifle is about average, but the ammo is what will kill you trying to find.
  7. jarcp

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    Thanks for all the help, I decided not to buy it anyhow. What the guy call real good condition was a shot out bore, cracked stock and only about 50% blueing left. Would have made a nice project gun, but I have too many of them already.
  8. Mike southers

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    Re: 5mm Rem Mag

    Good thing. Hornady used to make ammo and their web site says they will not tool back up for it! Ammo will get scarcer unless Old Western Scrounger can find someone to make it.
  9. huglu

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    5mm mag

    I currently have a remmington model 591 5mm mag. it was built from 1969-1973 rem quit making this wonderful varmut gun because they did not sell enought of them. they also quit making the ammo for this gun. there are about 45/50,000 of these gun out there now that are obsolete. if you want more info on this type in remmington 5mm mag and look for the info, it's there. 30 years ahead of it's time. compared to a.17HMR or .22 mag. :drive:
  10. bigandrich44

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    Just get a .20 cal vartarg I think it is? It's a wildcat, but you'll be the only one with one. =)
  11. wsmith9

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    5 mm mag ammo

    Cheaper Than Dirt is selling the ammo. Their web site is www.cheaperthandirt.com and the item number is AMM-079. It is being manufactured by Aguila under the Centurion name and is $13.97 per box of 50. Also, it seems that Taurus, Savage, Thompson Center and Rossi may be offering some new weapons in this cal.
  12. roverboy

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    Right I knew I had seen some for sale somewhere. From what I heard about Aguila they make good ammo. The 5mm mag was/is a great caliber. A friend has one he's had for a long time. It is way better than the .22 mag. but maybe not as good as the .17 hmr.
  13. This was another in the long, long list of

    cartridges created and went nowhere. It was created by Remington a number of years ago. It was a marketing failure.
  14. 4 years of production, '70-'74, I'd say marketing failure is being kind. lol