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6.5 Arisaka

Discussion in 'Japanese Firearms' started by ScottD, Apr 8, 2002.

  1. ScottD

    ScottD G&G Newbie

    Just acquired one of these and found the action to be mint. Apparently the barrel was cut down and someone made a half attempt to sporterize it. Found the chamber to be very rough and the bore is in not too good of shape.

    Pulled the barrel off. Got a hold of GRT's videos about sleeving the bolt and blue printing the action. Bought a 6.5mm with a 9 inch twist 28" long from Shilen. I am going to chamber it in 6.5x 284.

    Haven't found an aftermarket trigger. Tried all of the trigger makers and Brownell's. Anyone out there knows where I can get one? It would save me a lot of time trying to re-work this crummy thing.
  2. PARTS

    TRY NUMRICH GUN PARTS CORP (845)679 2417