$600M to help secure our borders

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    personally i dont think its enough and with it should go more powers to agents DEA INS and local Law.
    I would like them to start up a program to recruit and train people that ALMOST make the qualifications and bring them in ( say they didnt qualify for BP because of age or credit history for example)
    make more jobs.

    Obama signs $600M border security bill into law - Yahoo! News
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    I still stand on my opinion and suggestion of parking a betallion of Marines and their gear on the border. Blast those F'n Drug and Human trafficers back to the stone age.

    Gun Ships, Tanks, Mounted Guns, Artillery. That is the only thing that will stop this surge.

    Throwing money at it and putting even more lightly armed Border Agents IS NOT GOING TO DO A **** THING. They run away at the sight of 30 Heavily Armed men escorting a Drug Shipment.

    And chances are most of this money is going to get exchanged, under the table, into other programs that Obama wants to keep quiet from the public.
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  3. Yes, a border fence of Abrams tanks and Bradley fighting vehicles with 50's trained toward the border.
    Sadly enough, drug money laundering is what Wachovia and Wells Fargo have been caught at. it's the only thing propping up the economy. If we have to list every expense over 600.00, so should they.
    Only until America stops paying taxes, puts their TV's on the curbs and takes their kids out of socialist mind laundry schools will we be able to DRAIN THE SWAMP!