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    Hey yall...

    I picked these wood grips up out of a bargin bin for $5.00 hoping they would fit my 629....



    as you can see they dont lol

    now they fit real snug but the butt of the revolver swings in and looks like these ones were made for im Guessing just the 29 (maybe someone can correct me)

    now a 3 fold question

    1. Can anyone suggest me some wood grips like these that would properly fit my 629,
    2. Can Someone identify what S&W revolver these would goto
    3. Can someone give me a price of what these grips i have are worth?
  2. Hard to say with the pictures but I'm gonna guess that thay belong on a mod 19 . and the value is what you payed for them.

  3. Smaller pic's would help. That looks like a round butt frame on your 29 (N frame). You have square butt grips. Maybe they are K frame grips ($40-60) depending on color and condition. They sell well on e-bay.
  4. Hahaha I was thinking L-frame.
  5. thanks,

    i dont suppose any of you all would know if there are any wood grips like these for my 629?
  6. They look like stock Goncalo Alves S&W grips to me. Thats what came on my 629 from the factory. Do a search for N-Frame S&W grips on EBay.
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    Grips for round butt N-frame from Midway USA...$55
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    new grips. Feel really solid in my hand unlike the rubber grips. I also like the looks.