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7.62 X54R Headspace Gauges

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Stewart, May 11, 2002.

  1. Does anyone know where I can get 7.62 X 54R headspace gauges?? I didn't see them at Brownell's or Midway, but I remember somebody saying that Yankee Engineering had them. Anybody got a site address or phone number to get in touch with them?

    Also would be interested in getting thoughts on a good place to get 7.62 X 54R ammo at a decent price.
  2. Hi Stewart,
    No idea on the headspacing guages. I never had need for one. As for the ammo question. If you scroll back through the threads here you will find one on this topic and someone listed 4 or 5 sources. If you cant find the thread I can tell you that Shotgun News is the best source for advertisers offering 7.62x54 at very reasonable prices...usually ranging from $40-$60 for a 440 round can.
    Some ideas are AIM, J&G Sales (where I get mine), and Tapco. You should be able to find all of them online.

  3. yep....scroll back to Page 2 of the threads under Mosin-Nagant and you will fnd a thread with 10 entries about where to get 7.62x54 ammo.
  4. Thanks, I will check it out. I had been getting my 8mm ammo from WGA, and Empire Arms, but have been unsure of good ammo for these Mosins.
  5. toolman

    toolman Resident Sasquatch Forum Contributor

    hey stewart,check out sog(southern ohio guns).they are advertising 7.62x54r ammo at prices comparable to or just a little higher than most others,but they claim that theirs is non-corrosive.not a concern for most of us but some people like the added assurance. can't beat the wolf ammo for the price if you like comm. stuff,but you lose the "fireball" effect to some extent.if you shoot a lot of 8mm and don't mind corrosive ammo,inter-ordnance has 760 rds for 39.95.good luck..toolman
  6. RST

    RST G&G Newbie

    I bought both no-go and go gauges from Brownells... They are often backordered, though.
  7. OldBolt

    OldBolt G&G Newbie