7.62X39 at .16 cents a rd.

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  1. Once again, I'm broke and though I have a charge card, I just can't do it.

    For those that can, AIM Surplus has Yugoslavian 7.62 X 39 ammuntion for .16 cents a rd. That's right. 1,120 rds. for $179.20. Or, 40 rds. for $6.75 a box, but if you buy 28 boxes or more, it's $6.40 a box. But then you're probably better off buying the case.

    Yugoslavian 7.62x39 40rd Box on SKS Clips Brass Case
  2. petrol

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    that's the stuff I buy at my local store. i pay 18 bucks plus tax for 40 rounds. I'm no expert but my sks seems to like it just fine.

  3. 338RUM

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    Too bad it is non-reloadable and corrosive... IDK if I can allow myself to put corrosive ammo down my CZ 527...
  4. Just flush the bore and bolt out with windex and then clean it like normal. Nothing to be afraid of.
  5. texnmidwest

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    corrosive ammo through bolt actions or single shots...no problem. I would not shoot corrosive through semi autos. Although my Garand has had a lot of corrosive ammo shot through it in it's day!
  6. 338RUM

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    Then I may buy some, I just don't want to ruin a good rifle
  7. gandog56

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    I was going to say Wideners has it at slightly less than 16 cents a round, but then saw the AIM stuff came on stripper clips, which makes it a better deal. But is only 16 cents a round if you buy 1120. And the 16 cents a round does not include the shipping. With shipping to my zip code it's closer to 18 cents.
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  8. kansascoyote

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    Man am I glad I bought 20,000 rounds when it was $1.99 a box !! No I don't want to sell any !!
  9. Tracer

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    that is good stuff. wonder how accuate it is a a bolt gun, like GMs's cz 527?annybody tried it?
  10. 338RUM

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    Tracer, if you will send me a sample I will test it for you in my CZ 527 Carbine! LOL I only need 5 shots!
  11. Tracer

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    LOL I do have alot of yugo,HMMM