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    How come I never see 7.62X51 Nato AP ammo? You can find armor piercing ammo in 5.56 (.223(SS109)), .303 british, 7.62X54, and so on. It is fun to see what that stuff will, and will not go through. Any of the .308 surplus ammo I find is FMJ, just wondering if anyone ever saw .308 AP, with some sort of steel penetrator or hardened core? If so where did you see it? I would think that since it was a very common caliber, someone besides me would of wanted to try and pierce some armor...:D
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    Exactly. Which is why it was banned. That's why you don't see it around. I don't believe it's even legal to handload.
    Also banned is AP 30 Carbine, 7.62x39mm, and 223 except for the common SS109 used for target (also because any 223 will go through almost any vest, regardless of the bullet's composistion). And all pistol calibers are banned.
    30-06 and SS109 are specificaly exempt, as I believe 50BMG is too.

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    BattleRifle, you come through once again. Well, you learn something new everyday. I was thinking about asking about 7.62X39, but your way ahead of me. So, does that actually make sense though? I would think "the man" would ban it all, but I guess not. I understand the pistol caliber ban, I guess.

    While were on the subject of AP ammo, what kind of armor is it supposed to pierce? Anything specific, or just body armor, metal???

    Oh yeah, on the subject of caliber vs. penetration, 9mm HP and .40 FMJ will not penetrate a propane tank (off of a camper), but surprise surprise, .223 will pass through like its not even there. The handguns dented and ricocheted off of it. Just letting you know.
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    The law is yet another one of those stupid laws that they pass to make themselves feel like they're god and can prevent evil.
    They define AP bullets by the content of steel or tungsten and I forget what else.
    You know what's even worse? They banned teflon spray because guys were coating bullets with it in order to penetrate kevlar. Those who have it now hoard it.
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    I think cheaper than dirt had some loaded Ap ammo for sale a few years ago in 7.62X51. They still have some pulled bullets in 30 cal. for sale, I don't know if it's legel to load them though.
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    It's not legal to load them into 308. 30-06 is legal. Commercial 30 calibers like magnums and such are grey.
    The law isn't too old, so you wouldn't have to think too far back to remember them being legal.