7.62x54r lee enfields

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by toolman, Apr 25, 2002.

  1. toolman

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    hey guys,just found an interesting post on the jpfo site(www.jpfo.org) under the life preserver bouyancy testing heading.it's about converting .303 british enfields to 7.62x54r with pretty impressive results.sounds like a fun project. the got 3/4" groups using ball ammo after conversion. also,check out my_gunsite.tripod.com ,pretty neat site for m/n's.
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  2. Dennis

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    Sounds great just let me know when your going to shoot it so I can get behind something hard.
    The powerlevel is much much higher with 7.62x54R that 303 british
    The venerable Lee Enfield's action may not stand up to the pounding.
    I would have to see some very convinceing Data before I would try that.

  3. dodge

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    for $160 to re-barrel I think I'd just buy a lee-enfield from springfield sporters or inter-ordnance for $100(plus FFL and shiping). throw in a little more money and I'd have enough to buy a m91/30 also! "why would you want to do that??" is my response. :stupid:
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    i thought it was kind of neat. i really like the enfield action because it is so smooth plus the 10 rd capacity is a plus. also while the 7.62x54r is stronger ballistically,it is actually at the lower end of the pressure scale compared to .303 loads using saami standards (according to the article,i haven't researched it myself).i also admit to a fondness for no.4 mk1 enfields-that was my first military gun,traded for it in high school.unfortunately i traded it for a dirt bike which lasted about three weeks before the eng. locked up! still feel pretty stupid over that one!