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    Forgive my ignorance and embarrassment that I (an amateur gunsmith) don't know the answer to this question. But... ... is the 700BDL in .270 a long action or short action? I haven't had much experience with bolt action rifle lengths. I haven't dealt with much other than military auto's, and my own mil-caliber guns. A little help please.
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    Don357: Sir; no need for embarrassment or requiem of not knowing.

    Remington has does and will continue to :)confuse:) us from time to time.
    Standard 700 long action and WSM "Winchester Short Mag"

    Readily tell the difference when looking at the chamber or ammo.

    Remington made the BDL in Both:) actions.

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    ok now time for me to be mister stupid . whats a long action and whats a short action rifle??? is it a diferent bullet or does it have something to do with tha chamber?
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    I think that the .270 is a long action.
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    tommy: Sir; where have you been. Haven't seen anymore of your art work!
    in a while.
    Winchester decided some time ago to create a shorter mag. size caliber.
    Maybe around 1960's and I stand to be corrected. Was originally? thought around the 6mm and 7mm as an improvement in burn rate?
    The Action size shortened to 2.10" max.
    It shoots like a Mag cause it is a mag.

    I should not have used the word; Long action cause it's just standard.
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    oh i am around here and there.i'm gonna do another girl for you guys one day as soon as i get a chance. been workin on alot of designs for my atv/utv stuff so time is tight right now.
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    There are actually several different length actions... in some makes, such as Sako. That being said, the most common terms used today are "long action" and "short action". These terms generally coincide with the typical .308 family of cartridges length with a case length of about 2.015" as short action type calibers and the '06 family (including many magnum cartridges as well) with a case length of 2.494"-2.620"(.300WM). There is normally a longer length needed for such long magnums as a .375H&H. Most common U.S. makes, Savage, Remington, Ruger and Kimber use two lengths, short and long, and then some add a large Magnum type on an African or Safari type model.