700 Nitro Express

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    Has anyone on G&G fired one of these bad boys?

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upaFWyuNMIY&feature=related]YouTube - Insane backfire[/ame]
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D41NYBHkb9M]YouTube - 700 Nitro Express[/ame]
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    I first saw that top video about 2 years ago under the name '.577 REX' and it claimed 15000lbs of energy.

    A short expose on the video revealed it to be an older rifle reffitted to fire .50BMG and a bunch of newbs who had know idea how to shoulder 10klbs of energy and no knowledge that it was .50BMG to start with.
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    The first video is actually the 577 T-REX, most people can't hold on to it because of the force of the bullet spinning actually torques the gun right out of ur hand, the numbers off the top of my head for the T-REX is a 1-16 twist bbl with a 650 to 800 gr bullet going 2200 FPS, don't quote me on that but I am 80% sure. The recoil of the REX isn't bad it is just the torque of the bullet spinning that makes it a handful, and the 700 NE is really a development for a wealthy individual by Holland & Holland if I remember correctly he was upset H&H would not sell him a 600 NE so he decided to have a 700 NE built... I have never shot the 700 Nitro but would love to give it a try once!

    EDIT: barry look at the action, that is not a 50 BMG the action is WAY to small
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    I wouldn't.
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    I said once... lol it looks like fun!
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    The .700 is nothing more than a curious oddity, on another forum I was a member of, there were reports (by folks who have actually hunted with it, and seen it in action) of the cartridge being a very poor penetrator, due to the relatively low SD of the standard 1000 grain bullet normally used in the .700, and overall it really wasn't anymore effective than more commonly used cartridges.

    As for the .577 T-Rex, it's in the same boat more or less, not a spectacular performer on DG, and due to the severe amount of recoil, follow up shots would be difficult.

    These type of guns are just big "toys" that don't do the job any better than something like a .416 or .458 caliber rifle.
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  8. really, they compared it side by side with a .22 hornet at the end? lol Thats like showing off a brand new Lambo then putting it next to a Neon SRT-4 and comparing them.....not even remotely close to being in the same range.
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    i have no use for that caliber, but the double rifle in that second video was kind of cool i guess.

    i wouldn't buy a gun chambered for 700 nitro, but given the chance i would shoot someone else's. (just once though)
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    Doesn't surprise me as the 600 Nitro Express had the same reputation.
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    I'll pass on that.
  12. Actually, I believe you are mistaken about the 600 Nitro Express being of little value. It was a famous old African elephant cartridge. Very effective compared to other double rifle calibers of the era.

    As far as I know, there is no 700 Nitro Express. It was just some ploy faked up for a tv show or something.

    At the NRA Firearms Museum in Fairfax VA you can see beautiful double rifles in 600 Nitro Express.

    The idea that the 600 Nitro cartridge is virtually worthless for hunting . . . that's a new one on me.

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    You are wrong. The 700 NE does exist. Jim Carmichael has fired it and I have watched an Elephant hunter on TV take a tusker with one. The 600 NE had penetration problems and that is from reading books by the old time Elephant hunters. Arthur Neumann even felt the .577 NE had penetration issues. Where's Dugaboy when you need him?
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    One thing for sure men,having never had the opertunity to shoot an elephant,I am not qualified to pass judgement on either.I have fired a double and a bolt action in .600 nitro and can testify to the facts that they did give complete penetration on paper targets,and both types had very high recoil.I was young once and just had to try everything once.I believe my total experience with the .600nitro was 5/6 shots with a double and 3shots with a bolt action.As I recall,I was told that the brass had to be returned to H&K to be reloaded and cost (I think this is what the rancher told me) $40. plus S&H.There isn't much difference in the recoil of a .600nitro and getting hit with a 2x4 by a healthy man. ,,,sam.
  15. The National Firearms Museum at the NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, VA, has a very interesting display that may be pertinent here.

    There are four Beretta custom rifles in a set. They are an "Africa Suite." Left to right, there's the 30-06 (antelope), the 375 Holland & Holland (buffalo), the 470 Nitro Express (rhino), and the 600 Nitro Express (elephant). I will try to attach a photo of them.

    These guns are matched, and are presentation quality engraved rifles.

    It is difficult for me to believe that perhaps the most famous elephant rifle of all time is no good for shooting elephants.

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    Nice picture RR,thanks. ,,,[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpMUQ5Bz3ag"]YouTube- 600 Overkill video II[/ame] ,,,sam.
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    I don't even think that would be legal in the US the bullet is 17.78mm that equals about .70 caliber .50 cal is 12.5mm so it would have to be a title 2 weapon with a title 2 stamp for each round.
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    You are correct "U-TUBE" is not a gun smithing site! .............And neither is the above post! :laughing:

    The 600NE and 700NE rifles and ammo is exempt from the distructive weapons ruleing, as a sporting rifle, and ammo, and do not require any title II permits!

    The two films above are well known around big bore websites, and the top one has been around for a long time. That rifle is indeed the 577 T-Rex, and the owner is Saeed who also is a member of the royal family of Dubai, and went to collage in Texas. He is a friend and gets a kick (no Pun intended) out of seeing people try to hold the T-Rex. That range is a 150 yds underground range in his home, and he built the rifle himself. The glass surrounding that shooting bench was replaced several time untill they installed bullet proof glass behind the bench.

    The 700NE was the brainstorm of a rich california man who simply had to have the 700NE built for him by H&H. They agreed to build it if he had the barrel blanks made, and had the ammo made for it, before they would consider building it. The cost was in the area of $200K.

    As has been said correctly both the 600NE, and the 700NE are nothing more than "LOOK AT ME" toys, and though both have taken elephant in Africa, neither are a good choice for hunting anything. The 577NE is a hand full, and is so heavy that it is a chore to carry one all day in the African heat, and still be able to use it effectively. H&H were the origenal designers of the 600NE double rifles and less than 80 of them were ever made by the end of their run. They were not popular with elephant hunters, because of poor penetration. Most were set asside for the old 577NE, and the 500NE is a far better dangerous game cartridge than either of the three. A properly weighted 500NE will weigh in at 13.5 pounds, and is about all that is needed for anything that walks, crawls, or flies on this planet! I shoot a 11.3 pound 470NE and even it gets tireing after about ten miles on the track. The 600NE's normal weight is around 16 to 18 pounds, and the 700NE,s weight runs 20 to 26 pounds, and you better have platoon of gun barrers to cary your rifle if you want one of the biggest two here. Addtionally you will need a very heavy bank roll as well to have one built. The ammo for the 600NE runs about $50 per round for handloads and $90 per round for factory! The 700NE will cost you about $70 per round to load your self, and $130 per round for factory. Hell the last Federal factory I bought for my 470NE was $18 per shot!, and I can handload it for about $5.50 per shot.

    The rifles will set you back around $100K for a field grade double. That is a lot of cash just to impress your buddies down at the local firing range.

    The second film was a Heym bolt and double rifles chambered for the 600NE, and the guy shooting both of them is a real expert at shooting those rifles, because he knows how to ride with recoil.

    IMO, the T-Rex, the 600NE, and the 700NE rifles are useless for anything more than to say "SEE WHAT I'VE GOT!" They are all three rich man's toys that will do nothing better where game is concerned than the old tried and true 500NE double rifle! They do generate discussion though! :biglaugh:
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    Dugaboy explained why it's a poor choice better than I ever could.