72 yr old gunman shoots two priests

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    The following incident occured about 20 miles north of where I live. It hasn't been determined conclusively yet but this man was probably senile and tried to get revenge on the priests for some of their behavior which has been publicized recently.

    The news media will try to put blame on the guns, as usual, but that story is yet to be written.


    Posted on Tue, Jun. 11, 2002

    Gunman used easily available hunting guns in
    abbey shootings
    The Kansas City Star

    The MAK-90 rifle used in the shootings at a Roman Catholic abbey is
    easy to find, relatively cheap and often deadly with one round, gun
    experts said Monday.

    Law enforcement officials said the two weapons that Lloyd Robert
    Jeffress of Kearney used Monday at Conception Abbey were an
    MAK-90 and a Ruger .22-caliber rifle.

    Authorities say Jeffress shot the victims with the MAK-90 and used
    the .22-caliber rifle on himself. The butt of the .22-caliber rifle was
    sawed off.

    The manager of a local gun shop and officials with the Bureau of
    Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms said the MAK-90 looks like an AK-47
    but is much less expensive. The MAK-90 costs about $400, and the
    AK-47 costs about $2,500, said Bob Lockett of the Second
    Ammendment gun shop in Overland Park.

    The MAK-90 is a semiautomatic, but a true AK-47 is fully automatic.
    Semiautomatic guns fire one round for each pull of the trigger. Fully
    automatic guns fire continually as long as the trigger is depressed.

    "It's become common parlance to call all of them AK-47s," said Mark
    James, special agent in charge of the Kansas City Field Division of the
    ATF. "The vast majority of what we see are the semiautomatics that
    look like AK-47s but are not."

    The knockoff AK-47s are available at area gun shops and gun shows.
    The round fired by AK-47s or knockoffs is large, 7.62 by 39 mm,
    about the size of a deer rifle round, James said.

    One shot is usually fatal to people, Lockett said.

    The knockoffs typically come with a five-round magazine. But
    magazines to carry more rounds -- 20, 30 or more -- are easy to
    come by, Lockett said.

    Lockett said the knockoffs are often used for deer hunting, and the
    .22-caliber rifles are often used for target practice and small game

    To buy either gun, Lockett said, a person would need the money and
    have to pass an FBI background check -- the same standards for
    most firearms.
  2. Well I guess he did his homework.--any caliber will kill if put in the right place. One shot is usually fatal-even in the foot.

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    Typically, they seem far more interested in the tool used for the crime, than the reason or motivation for the commission of the crime. Kinda like discussing the merits of v-8's over 4-bangers after someone runs down a child with a car. I'd rather know why the individual did this deed.
  4. Any time guns are used to kill innocent people, it makes all gun owners look bad. If an AK costs $2500 there, I better run to the store right now and pick up the one I looked at for $450
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    Snake, I know of no one who is offering a real, licensed AK-47 for under $2000. Even the AKMs are well over $1000. The article was quite clear on the distinction between reak AK-47s and the semiautos, though it was mistaken about the 5 rd. mags. They normally come with 10 rounders.