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  1. Rave

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    Has the American left ever stood up for any religion other than Islam?:irked:
  2. Rave

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    Folks are hollerin' 'bout the Muslums gettin' support for their mosques,etc. and Rush has brought up a serious point,how come the liberal left has supported Islam and no other religion.
    I think it's a good question that should receive a bit of attention and discussion.
    Rush intimated that it might be because they believe that Islam is an anti- American religion and that is why they support it.'
    I dunno,but that does seem to be the only one that has gotten their support lately.:usa2:

  3. Rave

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    O.K.,no more Rush sez for you.:joke:
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    The right kind of liberal will support any cause, even ones that contradict eachother. They will also support any belief system that isn't the mainstream in their own culture.
  5. Mmmm,

    in my lifetime the left has been in a legal war against Christianity.
    When I was young each schoolday started off with a prayer and each school football game started off with a prayer.

    The left, however, does support Islam and defends those who have a "right" to violence in the name of Islamic culture.
  6. big boomer

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    and they support lack of religion.
  7. Cyrano

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    New York
    There was a time - like 60 years ago, when the American Left did stand up for another religion: Judaism. Making sure the survivors of European Jewry got a state of their own in the Middle East was a favorite leftist cause.

    Now, of course, the typical American Leftist (nonsentientus anus Americanus) decries the actions of Israel in defending its existence and demands "justice" for the Palestinian Arabs, all of whom happen to be Muslim. It would be enough to make a strong man cry - if he didn't puke out of disgust first.
  8. Rave

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    Hmmmm,seems like Jolly Old England,with our muscle backing them took part of Palestine and created Israel for the Jew in 1947.
    Been fussin' goin' on ever since.
    "Rave on,cat chit,somebody will cover ya' up sooner or later.":fart:
  9. Cyrano

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    New York
    Not true. England had been administering Palestine under a League of Nations mandate since 1919, when the Turks surrenedered their claim to it. That mandate was extended when the UN came into existence in 1945 and the world Zionists began agitating for a Jewish homeland in Palestine, citing historical precedents for it. The point was also made that many Palestinian Jews had fought for the British during World War II, while the Arabs either sat idly by or actively worked for the Nazis.

    The Brits had been cracking down on the Jews who saw Palestine as their rightful homeland since the early 1930s. Outfits like the Irgun and the Stern Gang had been waging guerrilla war against the occupying British for more than a decade. The British did not want to antagonize their Arab allies, most notably the House of Saud and the Heshemite Kingdom of Jordan; and they shrank from the methods that a study suggested would be required to secure the Mandate lands. (One member of the Foreign Secretary's staff opined that the means suggested by some senior British officers to secure the area were much more in the tradition of Hitler's SS than the British Army.) Great Britain surrendered the mandate in Palestine, the UN debated the question and voted on it, and the State of Israel came into existence in 1948.

    They've been fighting to maintain their freedom and their nation ever since.

    I also note that when the vote on partitioning the Mandate to form Israel came up, the United Kingdom abstained. I suspect the British people were in favor of it but their government was not. The United States, on orders from President Truman, was the first nation to recognize Israel, within hours of its coming into being. He then refused to supply arms to the Israelis on the grounds that he didn't want to inflame tensions in the area. (He needed to placate the Arabs, especially the Saudis, too, because they had oil we needed.) However, Truman did turn a blind eye to the private purchasing of massive quantities of arms and ammunition by private parties that were then shipped to Israel. His heart was in the right place but he had a reelection campaign to consider, too.

    The United States has always been Israel's friend, and with the exception of the USS Liberty incident, they have always been ours. I find what the Empty Suit from Illinois has done to them in the time he has defiled the office he holds to be a long way beyond despicable.
  10. PAPA G

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    just go to any looney left forum/blog, and the Judao/Christian's always getting beat up by the liberal swine over some things. they support Islam, Buddism, Sikh, Rastifarians, and more. they even consider Earth as the Mother of all to be prayed to. and i don't care, pray how ever you wish, just don't step on me.:zx11pissed: