85 Firebird in Ohio goes airborne, caught on cops dash cam

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  1. eggs

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    From what I heard the 19 year old lived!
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeTjXRbBHeA]YouTube - Car goes airborne 100 mph crash caught on dash cam Firebird in Ohio with SlowMo replays[/ame]

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    WHAT '83 firebird? I didn't see one after it landed

  3. sell33

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    I bet he felt that one in the morning...lol
  4. grizcty

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    Fire-bird has a few ruffled feathers.
  5. killsnapz

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    That is just nuts! How come when you see these crazy crashes these people always survive.

  6. Never_Evil

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    Turbo boost kitt!!!!!!!!
  7. All I can say is, HOLY SH_T!

    Had the guard rail that they hit and that launched them been longer, they might have either landed on the roadway above or maybe even jumped and cleared it completely and landed on the other side?

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  8. sell33

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    Either that or they always just say they survive because it probably wouldn't be up for long if someone actually did die in it....
  9. Bigfoot

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    Afton NY
    Holy crap! You can talk to teenagers with tears in your eyes trying to prevent them from doing crazy things like this. Sometimes there just aren't enough tears to stop them.
  10. Crash test dummy award!
  11. jmp8927

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    Never did like KITT that much...hard to believe anyone could survive that.
  12. White Rook

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    I think "Sheriff Buford T. Justice" can cancel the APB on "The Bandit" now...
  13. Cyrano

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    New York
    Folks, SMILE when you make wise-*** cracks. I LIVED through something like that - and it wasn't my fault the car went airborne.

    Back in 1988 I was driving north on I-95 in Connecticut, cruising at highway speed. The guy in front of me pulled out to pass a LOLIT (Little Old Lady In Tennis Shoes) driving 10 miles under the limit. Rather than sit behind the LOLIT, I signaled left and fell in behind him. Routine pass on the highway.

    Then some fuckwit in a muscle car came screaming down an elevated on-ramp doing at least 90. He cut off the LOLIT, who slammed on her brakes, and drifted across into the left lane, missing the driver in front of me by a hair. He hit his brakes, I hit my brakes to keep from hitting him, and my brakes locked up. There was a jersey barrier on my left and the thing flipped me airborne and upside down as neatly as something out of the Joie Chitwood Stunt Show.

    According to a state trooper who was ticketing a car at the side of the road, he heard the screams of the brakes and looked up in time to see me and my AMC Eagle spiraling up the road like a football. I came down on my roof and the car spun another 50 yards up the road on the roof before it came to a stop.

    When I came to, I was hanging in my seat belt upside down. The roof was partly crushed in, but I managed to climb into the rear seat and kick the door open and climb out. I walked away from it severely shaken up but unscratched, to the immense surprise of the cop. He'd been expecting to find a dead body. He told me at the scene that the only automobiles he knew of which wouldn't crush their drivers in that scenario were Volvos, Mercedes Benzes, and the Eagle.

    Sonofabitch still charged me with an unsafe lane change, though. And the maniac who'd caused the wreck got away scot-free!

    I can't say as I recommend it as a life experience.
  14. Did you fight it in court? I know I would have, then I would have gone after the guy who caused the whole thing.

    There was a kid about 6 years back who was drivng a Mazda RX-8 and was racing another kid (dont know what he was driving) the kid jerked to hard and lost control of his Mazda and wend offroad going over 100mph (estimated by local State Troopers) and was ejected and rolled over by his car. This happened at the end of my street on the main road through town. The car was so messed up you could not tell what it was it was so messed up I thought it was a little civic or something then found out later from a friend who watched it happen who told me it was a RX-8. To many kids get into thier hopped up sports cars and think they can pull smokey and the bandit moves and make it. It was a sad day when that kid crashed, living in a small town every one knew him in some way wether it was by name personally or by face (every one knows every one by face just about around here). I had seen him many times driving like a bat out of hell and knew it was just a matter of time. Its just to bad his one mistake took his life from him.

    Guess what Im saying it people call other people idiot for stupid things they have done (like this kid in the video) but we have all done stupid things, just some went wrong and some of us were lucky.
  15. killsnapz

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    Yeah I'll skip that experience and take your word for it Cyrano.

  16. I think part of that car did land on the other side of the pillars. Ripped it right in half. That could of been a real bad head on. Americas most stupid criminals.
  17. Ninja Piper

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    If I were the first responder to that one I'd really have to fight the urge to ask "What did you learn?"

    Cyrano, glad you made it through that one! Why is it the stupid ones always get away with their crap?
  18. eggs

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    Glad you lived Cyrano I cant beleive the cops still cited you...actually...yes I can.. sadly enough.