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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Paul I, Apr 5, 2002.

  1. Paul I

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    Is 245$ a good price a 870 deerslayer used, looks in good shape and has rings.

    Thanks Paul I
  2. GaryG

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    Remington makes two versions of the 870, the "Wingmaster" which is the premium gun (nice wood & blueing) and the "Express" which is the mass-market gun (plain wood and blueing). Both shoot exactly the same. If the gun is question is the Express model, then the price is OK, about what you'd expect to pay anywhere, but no great bargain. If it is the Wingmaster model, then the price is a good deal. I assume by "deerslayer" you mean it has a short barrel for deer hunting with slugs, since no Remington shotguns were ever marked with this name.
    Bottom line - buy it if you want. Even the Express model is a solid, reliable gun. Extra barrels, stocks, etc. are widely available and fit both models. Good luck.

  3. tyudi5bs

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    I bought my 870 express magnum new for 330. Walmart had it for 300, but i chose to get it from the local gun shop since they're cool guys.
  4. shaddownone

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    I work to hard to be giving it away

    QUALITY is what I would have paid the bucks for. If both guns were the same I would have went to wall mart. My cash feels better in my pocket.... Now if some hot hooter babe was behing the counter, I might have made the trip..
  5. tyudi5bs

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    I too would have gotten it from Walmart had i trusted them. However, i've taken close looks at some of their other 'new' rifles and found some imperfections in them. I got the feeling that Walmart gets discounted items that don't quite make it through quality inspection.