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870 Upgrades - Looking for a Flashlight

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by tyudi5bs, Mar 29, 2002.

  1. tyudi5bs

    tyudi5bs G&G Newbie

    Here's what i've done to my 870 so far. I like that fact that in 5 minutes I can have the shotgun back to original state.

    Anyways, my question is if anyone has any recommendations on a tactical flashlight.
  2. AR-tim

    AR-tim G&G Newbie

    Use the muzzle flash to light up the area...Just kidding. Just want to say thats a nice looking shotgun you got there. Watch in Shotgun News, occasionally they have adds for all sorts of accessories.

  3. Uncle Red

    Uncle Red G&G Newbie

    I used a barrel/mag clamp and a streamlight Jr. flashlight on my M500(attached to the barrel) for around $20 including S&H. BTW, nice rig. -UR.
  4. Rooster

    Rooster G&G Newbie

    If you want a real light get a surefire. There expensive but worth the cost, indestructable, and brighter than the sun. There touted as a weapon in themselves because there so bright. Use the barrel clamp.