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89 year old deer hunter shoots horse

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A few things come to mind, a white horse does not look like a deer, especially at 200 yards away!

Deer usually do not have riders, especially 12 year old girls.

The old duffer hit a moving horse at 200 yards with a shotgun!!

See it fer yersef.......

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota (AP) -- An 89-year-old deer hunter was charged with shooting a white horse while it was being ridden by a 12-year-old girl.

Clinton Hurlbut told authorities he thought he had seen a deer.

Authorities said he fired the shotgun slug from his property, about 200 yards from where Lindsey Duffield was riding her horse, Princess. The slug narrowly missed the girl's leg and struck the horse in the shoulder.

Hurlbut was charged with misdemeanor reckless use of a firearm, which carries a maximum penalty of a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Traverse County Sheriff Don Montonye said Hurlbut feels terrible about the November 9 shooting. "He's taking it real hard," Montonye said.

The girl was riding on her grandfather's farm on the outskirts of Browns Valley, a town of 800 near the South Dakota state line.

Lindsey's mother, Candy Duffield, said Hurlbut apologized. "He just sat and cried the whole time," Duffield said.

Princess was recovering but might not be able to be ridden again.
Personally I think he should feel bad, but more to the point, I'd stop hunting if I could not differentiate between a 170 lb Deer and a 1100 lb horse with a rider on it.................more luck than brains I'd say.

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