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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by sapper, Apr 21, 2002.

  1. sapper

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    I have both a 8mm chinese and a 8mm chech mauser, anyone ever have problems with surplus ammo in the 8mm? dents the heck out of the primer but dont go off. probably the ammo right?
  2. Poorboy

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    I would try a couple of different types of 8mm ammo. I have had good luck with surplus ammo. I have tried 1949 turk, 1950 FN, and 1936 Chech. I have yet to have a dud.


  3. Eddie L.

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    I've had good luck and superb accuracy from two lots of the old Egyptian 8 mm. The bullet is 198 grain with a flake powder. Of course the brass is Burdan primed. I use it in both Hakim and FN49. While I have some 98s I don't remember firing this ammo in one of them. This stuff was made in the mid fifties. Only about 8-900 rounds left and hate to run out.
  4. Klaus

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    The Egyptian ammo is pretty hot, so avoid using it in real old Mausers.
  5. johno

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    that's funny odd. my 1949 turk has been a dud about every 5th round, and my egyptian was practically worthless, with every 3rd round a dud.
  6. i would stay away from the ecuadorian stuff, i've had up to a 50% failure rate with that stuff, and that's with a new striker spring.
    Junk in my opinion, i've had it happen with a few batches of it.
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    I just had the same problem last Saturday at the range. I believe it was a bad batch of rounds. The batch was from a local gun show. I ran into 3 duds within about 25 to 30 rounds. The firing pin made good contact and dented the primer but no "ka-boom".
    No problems with the next batch of rounds. They were 1957 Romanian surplus.
    I would have to say that it is the ammo.
    If you need some fresher 8mm ammo check out Interordnance. They are running a special on 760 rds for $40.00 + shipping. It is supposed to be good stuff.
  8. I have been using that Turk Ammo and every now and then I will pull the trigger and nothing happens. I open the bolt half-way then close it so its recocked and then second time around the ammo fires. For the money you cannot beat it just to go plinking.

    You guys ever try the S&B 8mm??
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    hey itchboy.when i got my vz-24 i shot a couple of boxes of the s&b spce through it.excellent ammo and had less recoil than the mil-surp i usually shoot.the gun itself is pretty rough so i can't give you a real good idea of accuracy but it was definitely better than turk mil-surp and a whole lot cleaner :0)