8MM primer problem

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  1. I took the 8 MM M48A out this morning and noticed that, in the first twenty rounds, one had a primer missing on the spent cartridge.

    I didn't notice anything unusual with the shooting, bolt action, etc.

    But, when looking at the spent casing it is obvious that something was amiss.

    At first I thought the pin you can see in the photo was a piece of broken firing pin but then I realized I had fired over thirty more after that.

    When I cleaned the gun I inspected the firing pin and it looks fine.

    Can I assume the firing pin penetrated the primer, pulling if off, or could it be possible the blow back blew the primer off?

    The gun fired fine on everything after that.

    I took the gun apart and never found the remainder of the primer.

    The cartridges weres Berdan primed and the casing says 1942 for the lot date on the rim.

    Any ideas? Klaus, I know ya got a couple...any thoughts big guy?

    I shot all that I had so that lot is gone.....whew.

    BTW....the dang gun is one monster that is to be reckoned with. It's highly accurate and kicks like a mule in heat.

    Contrary to range rules......and without them realizing it, I aimed at a rock on the side of the hill, roughly 300-400 yards out and it wasn't too dang far off!!!!!!!!! WHOA!!!!!!

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  2. dave375hh

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    Berdan primers have the anvil that fires the primer built into the primer pocket. That's what your seeing with the primer cup removed. That's why there are two offset flash holes inside the case, the anvil is in the center of the pocket and the flash holes on either side.

  3. colt45

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    It is posible that the fireing pin is pulling them out but more likely that you have some machiengun ammo and the presure is high enough to blow the primers out. Just my thoughts but I would check the pin lenght first before screwing with the ammo(down loading it)
  4. Thanks Colt.

    I did notice the other primers had quite a dimple on them.
  5. colt45

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    your more than welcome sir.
    Hope thats your problem, if not try pulling the bullet, dump the powder and rewiegh at 44.6gr with a Hornady 125gr soft point. they give me 1 1/2" groups out of my scoped 48 at 100yrds, and kick a hole lot less too.
    Good luck
  6. Shaun

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    your primers are probably loose or the blowback on the ammo is heavier than normal remember old smokeless powder tends to be more volitile.
  7. wes

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    Are the primers still flush after you fire a round,or have they backed out some?
  8. The rest of the primers looked OK Wes....no protrusions.

    I'm thinking that one primer was a strange one. You can run across a bad primer now and then even when reloading with new ones. It's rare...fer sure....but surely possible.

    And, I was also thinking along the lines as Shaun's comment.
  9. Big Dog

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    Even "good quality" commercial ammo can have bad primers. I once had two rounds of Winchester 9mm BEB with the primers blown out, but the powder never ignited, just a "piff" and some smoke. Half the primer cup was missing!
    The old Turkish 8mm is pretty hot, and with it's age, all the more sensitive. Fortunately, the Mauser 98 design allows for this sort of thing very well, diverting the blowback gases away from the shooter. Ol' Paul knew his stuff.