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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by TX Hog Hunter, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. TX Hog Hunter

    TX Hog Hunter G&G Newbie

    Anyone on here a big fan of this caliber like I am?

  2. big shrek

    big shrek G&G Evangelist

    Don't know much about it, what can ya tell us??
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  3. thrillbilly

    thrillbilly G&G Evangelist

    ^ ditto, I consider myself a "gun-nut" but don't think I've ever heard of this caliber, what rifles does it come in? mil-surp?
  4. Midas

    Midas Chief Troll B' Gone Forum Contributor

    I am a HUGE armchair fan of this cartridge, it would make a great cartridge for hunting any game animal in North American, and is often considered one of the best "all arounders" for African hunting.

    Have been thinking about geting a CZ 550 chambered in 9.3x62, should prove just as effective as the .375 H&H
  5. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    The 9.3X62mm compares to our .338winmag and the 9.3X64mm compares to the .375H&H in power.There is a 9.3X57mm that equals our .358win and a 9.3X74R,mm that was for double rifles that is a ballistic twin to the 9.3X62mm.The 9.3X57mm was designed to hunt moose and wild bore and the 9.3X62mm was for big game in Scandinavia and Africa.They were designed to work in a Mauser action and used by South American farmers that couldn't afford doubles in the 9.3X74R which is a ballistic twin to the 9.3X62mm.Cases have been reported of a 286gr solid being shot completely through an elephants skull from side to side. (they don't say how big an elephant.)I have seen them but can't remember ever shooting one.I would say they are about equal to a .350Remmag. ,,,sam.
  6. FortyXDM

    FortyXDM Super Moderator Staff Member

  7. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    Thank you Forty,great post on a great European cartridge.A lot of firearms history in it. ,,,sam.
  8. TX Hog Hunter

    TX Hog Hunter G&G Newbie

    Hmm where do I start.

    I was first introduced to the caliber in the early 80s in Botswana where I wan invited on a culling hunt where they were thinning huge herds of Impala and Wildebeest. The farm owner had an old Mauser in 9.3x62 which he loaned me. I just worked on African game!!!!

    This caliber was to the settlers in southern Africa in the early 1900s what calibers like the .45-90 and .45-70 were to American frontiersmen. I was the main farm rifle of the early Boer settlers and was used extensively for putting food on the table and for self defense from man and beast. In John "Pondoro" Tayors excellent book African Rifles and Cartridges he states "There isn't really a great deal to say about it. Everybody found it so generally satisfactory that there wasn't anything to start a discussion." and "The 9.3mm can certainly be recommended for African for general use."

    It is still very highly regarded in Africa and VERY popular in europe, especailly for boar hunting. In europe Sako, Tikka, Mauser, Blazer, Sauer and CZ offer this caliber. However here in America only the CZ 550 is available in this caliber. I have a custom Ruger 77, Ruger 77 MK II and Win M70 all with PacNor bbls as well as a slightly customized CZ 550.

    It seems to be one of those calibers that will shoot almost any load well, I don't think I have tried a single load an any of the above mentioned rifles that didn't shoot under 1 3/4" with most loads going an inch or under.

    If you try to compare it to an American caliber the .35 Whelen and .338 WM loaded with heavy bullets is about as close as you can get. I think it definately outperforms the Whelen and kills better than the .338 with less recoil. Comparable rifles also hold one more 9.3 round than .338WM. It's basically a .30-06 case with the shoulder blown forward and front half of the case expanded with a .366" bullet. Good info on it (and all cartridges in the Cartridges of the World book). If you don't have this book you need to get a copy.

    No brag, just fact I have been to Africa 27 times since 1979, a 9.3x62 has been with me most of those trips and every one since 2000. It is my "go to" African rifle. I'm headed to S Africa on the 27th for a month and two 9.3x62s are going with me. My favorite the Ruger 77 MK II set up like an express rifle with Leupold 1.75-6x36 HDPX and a new CZ 550 set-up specifically for night hunting with a Trijicon 2.5-10x56 will go with me.

    I've taken Cape Buff, Hippo, Elephant cow, Eland and all sorts of plains game and predators with it. The 9.3x62 just gets the job done with mild recoil and no big fuss.

    My pet loads are the 286gr Barnes TSX or Nosler P over a hefty supply of R-15. I have also had good luck with VV N135 and Varget too. Factory ammo is available from Graf and loaded by Norma, RWS, Lapua and PRVI. The PRVI is the best deal and shoots very good in my rifles. Graf also sells cases and the Graf brand (PRVI) and Lapua are excellent. I have not had good luck with the expensive Norma cases.

    If any of you have the new Barnes reloading manual you can see my comments in the 9.3x62 section.
  9. moosemike

    moosemike G&G Newbie

    Don't alot of African countries have a .375 caliber minimum on dangerous game though?
  10. FortyXDM

    FortyXDM Super Moderator Staff Member

    Great info THH. It appears that this round is gaining popularity fast in N.A. (only took us 104 years. ha.) Oddly this round was introduced in 1905 one year before the 30 06.
    Can't wait to some pics upon your return.
    Have a great trip and keep us posted.

  11. TX Hog Hunter

    TX Hog Hunter G&G Newbie

    I have never ran into this in S Africa, Zimbabwe or Zambia which are the only three countries I have hunted dangerous game. This may be true in Tanzania or Botswana where game regs are extremly stringent.
  12. ArkansasHunter

    ArkansasHunter G&G Newbie

    The 9.3X62 Mauser is the creation of Otto Bock who in the very early 20th century, designed an all around cartridge for the many Germans who were settling in Africa.

    Because 9.3 mm is .36 caliber, the round falls between our .33's and the .375 H&H.
    Its case is a millimeter shorter than that of the 30-06, so it is of standard lenght, and for it's diameter, rather limited in powder capacity, at least by our crazed standards.

    Therein lies it's virtues: It shoots heavy bullet's at modest velocities and will do just about everything a .375 H&H will but with considerably Less Recoil.

    the lightest bullet for the 9.3X62 is a 236-grain Oryx (around 2350 fps). But the real heavy lifting is done by 286-grain Norma and 293-grain RWS loads (around 2350 fps).

    If you think shooting something this slow amounts to treason, or effeminacy.
    I invite you to consult with the shades of tens of thosands of very large animals that the 9.3X62 has stood on their noses in the last 104 years.
    by David E. Petzel of Field & Stream. June 2009 magazine...A.H
  13. TX Hog Hunter

    TX Hog Hunter G&G Newbie

    Good quote you found AR Hunter

    All I know is that it has killed everything I have ever shot with it as cleanly as any I had previously shot with a .375H&H. Rifles are much lighter to carry and hold one more round of ammo which is never a bad thing. In a comparable weight/stock design rifle I honestly think full charge 286gr loads have less recoil than a .300WM, seems about like a heavy 220gr .30-06 load to me. Probably if I had to own only one hunting rifle (heaven forbit :ugh:) it would be a 9.3x62 !!!!!

    A big plus that has been learned in Africa by years of experience of what works and what doesn't is that 2350-2500fps consistently kills cleanly and you don't have bullet failures so premium bullets are not really necessary. All the African PHs I know cringe when a client shows up with a high velocity super magnum like a 7mm Weatherby, they know they are in for lots of tracking............. On the other had they know the guy that shows up with big bullets moving 2350-2500 will kill his game. Kevin (Doctari) Robertson (Perfect Shot book) who might be the #1 living expert on killing game is a BIG 9.3x62 fan.

    My average shot in Africa is probably 60yds, so why do I need more that a 9.3x62 and a 6x scope???????
  14. ArkansasHunter

    ArkansasHunter G&G Newbie

    TX as your aware magazines come out a month early. Petzal had 3 calibers he commented about.
    The one discussed here and the other two were the 6.5 X55 Swede and the 7x57 Mauser.

    I had never heard of the 9.3X62 until I read Petzal's article. Imagine my surprize when you posted about the 9.3x62 days later.

    Petzal did say he did'nt own a rifle in the 9.3X62 but had shot them. His faviorite rifle is the 6.5X55 Swede for Deer.
    Shot through a custom built rifle, by New Ultra Light Arms.

    Do you know David Petzal ? I like to read his writeings...A.H
  15. TX Hog Hunter

    TX Hog Hunter G&G Newbie

    No I don't know Pedzal, where do you read his stuff?
  16. moosemike

    moosemike G&G Newbie

    Petzal is firearms editor for Field & Stream mag.
  17. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    I can't take this lying down!I have no experience with the 9.3 but in the 70,s I carried a .375H&H a lot and dropped everything from antelope and mulies to moose and grizzly bear,rarely using a second shot.By the 80,s the gun,a pre 64 Win. had been stolen and I was in a burnout anyway and using all different chamberings just to spice things up a little.If a good solid thump on the shoulder is what you desire,I don't think the .375H&H can be beat by many and not even equaled by most.I cant remember if I ever fired a 9.3 but there can't be much difference in recoil and as far as terminal ballistics,The .375 has proven itself to me time and again.Only two animals ever ran any distance once hit and that was an antelope that made about 125yds and a muley that may have gone 200yds.Both were caused by too hard of a bullet for the game.In those days we didn't have the bullet selection we do now.Besides,I spent more time working and hunting than reserching loads.The 9.3 sounds like a decent load but if I were going to pick a chambering in the 36/37cal range,I would still go .375H&H.But like I said,in the 80,s I was burnt out in medium bore and into small bore.My real choice is the 6.5mm,s with 7mm,s running close.But today it's mostly varmints and of course the .224,s reign.I never got to hunt Africa so I might think different with the hunting situation over there.I read about it all the time and one says long shots on tough hides and another says close shots because of brush and a .30-06 will do it all,even buffalo.I don't know.Probably if I got a chance to hunt Africa,I would need a month to make up my mind about what chambering was best.(and then someone would probably change my mind for me.) ,,,sam.
  18. Dakoma

    Dakoma G&G Enthusiast

    Quote from Cartridges of the World.The story goes that when many African countries were in the process of adopting restrictive laws ,specifying minimum chambering for dangerious game hunting,most ruled for a minimum bore size of 40 caliber.Almost universally,the 9.3x62mm Mauser was exempted from the banned classification. And states that it was the most widely used general purpose medium bores in Africa. I read my Cartridges of the world book but do not have the latest,but imagine that it just lists more wildcat cartridges and Proprietary cartridges.What I like most about the book is the reloading data provided.I have the 9th Edition.:)
  19. TX Hog Hunter

    TX Hog Hunter G&G Newbie


    I have nothing against the .375 and used it a lot prior to being hooked by the 9.3. On my last buff hunt in Australia I took a .375 because I was afraid if my 9.3 ammo was lost I'd be in a mess and knew I could buy ,375 ammo there. But my field experience has proven to me that the 9.3 will do anything the .375 will and it will do it in a lighter weight rifle that kicks less, holds one more round and is easier for me to shoot well. My .375 is a Win m70 express that weighs 11# loaded with Leupold 1.75-6x36 scope. My Ruger 9.3 on the other hand weighs 9.5# which is a big difference to me at the end of a day carrying it.....................different strokes for different folks :)
  20. TX Hog Hunter

    TX Hog Hunter G&G Newbie

    This book is a must have for any serious gun person's library and your right all the newer editions have is adding the new calibers, all the original info seems to stay the same. Everytime a new edition comes out I con my ad salesman into sending me one and give the old one away to a friend.
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