91/30 ex-sniper surprise

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by zino, May 15, 2008.

  1. zino

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    Well I picked up the 44' 91/30 Izzy ex-sniper tonite that I had on layaway at Dunhams. I cleaned and oiled the laminated beauty, and much to my surprise I found that it has a two stage trigger. Has anybody else ran across this before or is it kind of out of the ordinary? Do think this gun might have been tweeked while it was in service?
  2. Ferroflame

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    Maybe so.

    ;] Ya never know with those Commies! :D

  3. marion57

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    :burnout:with these old mil surplus rifles any thing is possible!!
  4. SwedeSteve

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    All Mosins have 2 stage triggers. Most snipers had some trigger work (i.e., polishing) done.
  5. It's Deja Vu all over again.:burnout:
  6. what exactly is a 2 stage trigger, ive heard the term but dont know exactly what it is.
  7. SwedeSteve

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    A two stage trigger has an initial take up of slack in the trigger (1st stage), and then breaks somewhat cleanly thereafter (2nd stage).
  8. Cyrano

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    New York
    That's a concise description, Steve. I remember my surprise at the clean break in the second stage the first time I fired Natasha; I'd been expecting mush, the way a beat-up sporterized Springfield I got to shoot once felt. But I haven't found a M-N yet that didn't have a decent trigger. Not a match trigger, mind you, but reasonably crisp.

    I wonder if anyone has ever put a set-trigger in a Mosin? The thought occurs to me that with a set trigger and handloads, MOA accuracy would not be out of the question. You know the Mosin very well, Steve. Is what I'm describing possible?
  9. texnmidwest

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    I must not e living right. My m39 has a decent trigger but my other Mosins are real mushy. A couple of them I had to fire quite a few rounds through to get an idea about where the break was going to be.
  10. SwedeSteve

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    It's possible Cyr, maybe a single set. But I think the rework would be more hassle than it is worth. Unless you found a really excellent barrel and got s Gunsmith to do the work for free.