91/30 sights?

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  1. i have a 91/30 and i cant get shots to go in a consistent patterns any help...completely lost

    thanks danny
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    My first question would have to be, and pardon me if it hurts, is can anybody else get decent groups with the gun? First thing to eliminate is always the shooter. If the problem is the gun the first thing I would probably do is get the barrel slugged and make sure you are using the right sized bullets. A lot of people get away with shooting .308" bullets, but both my 91/30 and M44 prefer .312" bullets.

  3. Another thing to check is the lands at the end of your barrel. If the crown is damaged it may flip the bullit as it hits the damaged area.
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    There are about a hundred variables that come into play when shooting for groups. To make it a bit easier on everyone, can you outline your procedures, setting, ammo, and overall problem with groupings? By this, I mean what rest are you shooting from, are you practicing proper breath and trigger control, are the groups stringing in any certain direction, are you using commercial or surplus ammo, etc, etc, ....?
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    need more info,.... better range report
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    I own two and found they do like different ammo. You could try that and see if it helps. I'd say if you go back over the archives one night of different posts you see all kinds of tricks. Seems to me someone had a link about placing thin cork between the barrel and stock drastically improved acccuracy.

    There are cheap fixes with the trigger too using soda can thin aluminum.
    Collecting and Shooting the Military Surplus Rifle (2006) - Surplusrifle.com

    I do reload but some rifles are just not worth it for me, the Nagant is one of them for various reasons, although it certainly would help the accuracy.
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    if i have problems getting consistent grps, happens often, i always grab a gun vise and shoot from that, that kinda shows if it's mostly user or maybe gun fault....also, the way i was trained to shoot, at least long range, kneeled position, was to breath deeply in and out then take a deep breath to smooth ur aim and fire within 3sec of taking that breath, so you dont get hazy from lack of oxygen :silly:
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    I have had several mossins that when first sited in had to get a 6foot high piece of card board to see where it was shooting then adjust it accordingly.As toolman and others have said we need more info
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    If it helps any, I posted that bit about the cork. It was a link to The Box O' Truth - Ammo Penetration Testing and their bit on corking mosin stocks.
  10. i can hit a clay at 75 yards with my other guns very consistently...the gun is a little worn i like it, it kicks a bit but i like it. im usein 7.65x54r from cabelas about a buck a shot.. :( im worried the barrel is a little corroded
  11. The barrel being a "little" corroded probably doesn't make that much difference; I have a Rumanian Instructee with a bore that looks like a stretch of gravel road, and somehow it shoots fine in spite of it. Not that I advise letting them get into that kind of condition...

    As the Cap'n said, check the end of your barrel. If the lands are chewed up or worn down at the end, it may need counterboring. Like the stern of a powerboat being squared off to let go of the water cleanly instead of dragging and creating turbulence, you want nice, crisp edges at the crown to release the bullet cleanly.
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    Keep in mind, a lot of commercial '54R ammo uses the smaller and more readily available .308 dia. bullet rather than the .310-.312 that most '54r barrels need. You might want to slug your barrel and see what size it is and choose your ammo accordingly.
  13. Cabellas usually carries Wolf or Sellier & Bellott. Both work ok, but factory ammo is getting real expensive 9as you have noticed). I would suggest that either you start reloading or buy MilSurp (Czech, Bulgarian, or Russian) ammo in the future as they run about $.18 a round delivered (AIM, J&G, Etc.) and are pretty consistant. .310 and .311 bullets seem to work best in all of my MN's, and most MilSurp is .310-.311. .308 bullets, not so good.

    Just a reminder that MilSurp ammo is corrosive so clean the chamber, bolt face, and bore with Windex right after shooting. Just a quick shot at each end, and a wet patch a couple of runs, then dry patch and Hoppes or similar on a Boresnake.
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    Toolman is right! I'd look at changing ammo first. Also, look to see if the forearm end cap is touching the barrel. And double check that the recoil lug and tang screws are tightened evenly.
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  17. sorry to be such a newb but what are landings and counterboaring? all i know is how to shoot it and clean it