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    Looked at a 930sx the other day and really like it. Does anyone have any info on these? I have a 500 and it is as tough as nails, but are their semi's as good? Thanks all.
  2. What I have is the Mossberg 930 turkey model with 24" barrel with black matte finish and black synthectic stocks.

    I own a Remington model 1100. I'd say the 930 is equal in quality as my model 1100 with the Mossberg haveing a much better simple gas system.
    It only came with a turkey choke so I bought an open cylinder, modified and a full.

    When I did a range test I tried all the chokes and various different shot's and different buck shot's.

    I'm very pleased to say that Mossberg has built the best semi-auto they've ever offered.

    It's works flawlessly with anything you want to shoot through it. Matter of fact it such a good shotgun many LEO's and other's that like defence shotguns are buying the defence models as quick as Mossberg can make them so I've read.

    2ea 930's were tested in Argentina on doves with both never giveing a problem what so ever, The users only wiped them down with oil at the end of the day and did nothing else to clean the internals. I forgot how many 1000's of rounds were shot through them but they held up very well compard to some other expensive shotguns.

    You got the impression from the report the more costly Benelli's, Winchester's, Browning and Beretta's could'nt hold up to all the shooting to be done in Argentina yet the 930 did with out any failure.

    The only thing I dislike about my model is the ported barrel. The model your intersted in want be ported.
    In timber hunting squirrel with mine it is very loud when you shoot it.

    If you decide to buy one I think you'll be well pleased with it and a range report is needed here on this model 930.
    So if you buy one wring it out and report back...A.H
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  3. I'm very glad to hear that. I've just scored a SPX for a Christmas present. Can hardly wait til Christmas to try it out.