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95/34 @ J&G Sales

Discussion in 'Steyr' started by ChaZam, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. TheJoker

    TheJoker G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    I'd still like to get another in the original length.
  2. bobvonb

    bobvonb G&G Evangelist

    rifles are hard to come by. I'd like to find one also.

    still looking for an M95M too, broken extractor or missing magazine notwithstanding.

    Here's an interesting reloading page I found:

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  3. 728shooter

    728shooter G&G Addict

    One other caveat regarding the M95's...
    The bolt being a straight-pull design is nowhere near the fine precision of other straight-pulls such as the Swiss K-31. It is harder to cycle and if you ever decide to remove the bolt for cleaning, be fore-warned; the bolt comes apart easily, goes back together fairly decent, but getting it back into the receiver can be a royal P.I.A.!!! The "dime" trick comes in handily to keep the bolt in the cocked position when re-inserting it into the receiver....

  4. Never_Evil

    Never_Evil G&G Evangelist

    I have the M95M Mauser version, and it kicks like a hot 308 load. I'm not too keen on it with the straight pull because you are relying on a sear from the trigger to hold the bolt shut when you fire it. Over time that sear will wear out and you will have a face full of bolt. Ouch. Mine is missing the metal box on the inside and the enblocs from the m95 just don't quite do the job.

    The m95 is fun, but with parts being scarce, even on numrich, the rifle isn't worth $20 unless you do buy 3 at a time.
  5. frenchy

    frenchy G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Yea i got a email on these too Rex and figured for $99 my $99 Steyr from BIG5 needed a Budapest buddy, both are unissued since refurb and #'s matching.

    I do see the rifles every once in awhile but not willing to spend $300 on one right now.
    Bought ammo, dies, bullets, bayo, scabbard, ammo pouch, 7 enbloc clips (1 nazi) and Rando gave me ah sling, bless his heart, so eventualy I'll post pics with range report,
  6. dogzebra

    dogzebra G&G Evangelist

    Walked away from my LGS with a lighter step the other day. Came away a Steyr M95, with 100 rds. of nice looking milsurp ammo, then Roger tossed in a couple boxes of NAZI milsurp so I'd have a couple stripper clips to refill.

    Then I hung around a little longer and bought this lonely looking Raging Bull in .44 mag. Then when scrounging for ammo for the Steyr, Roger showed me an ammo can full of NOS .30 cal. bullets(mostly Herter's and Speer fodder). I bought a few other odds and ends, but that ammo box full of pills really made my day.
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  7. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Dang, they don't have my favorite rifle powder, H4895. Hmmmm, IMR 4895 with 150 grain bullets, I may have some of those along with my usual 205 grain ones. Where there's a IMR 4895 recipe, there is an almost equal (But NOT the same) H4895.