'95 Mauser Questions

Discussion in 'Mausers' started by Devil Dog, Oct 13, 2002.

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    I picked up a couple '95 Chilian Mauser actions at a gunshow. I have a few '98's but the '95 is new to me. I have a few questions if some of you Mauser guys would be so kind to answer:
    (1) What barrel thread? Is it the same as '93,'94,'96 or '98?
    (2) What sporter stock will fit?
    (3) What calliber would be suitable?
    (4) These seem well made (Lowe/Berlin)...are they worth while
    to make into a sporter?...I only paid $25./ea.
    Any other info would be appreciated.
  2. PAPA G

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    can't beat the original caliber 7mm.

  3. The receiver lenghts are shorter than the 98's. Stock has to be for a small ring receiver.
    Not sure if threads are 12 per inch on the 95.
    My vote is for the 7X57mm.
    Can't put powerful cartridge in it. I heard .308 is the max.