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    found a gun in really nice shape (95%) i believe it to be an officers mauser it is chambered in 308 win and bears the nazi stamps. after looking everywhere the only thing i found similar was on cabelas gun library. searched 98 308 and one gun came back. the main difference is the stamping and the one i have does not have a checkered stock. there are no other markings on it other than 308 win and mod 98. anyone ever seen one like this before? any history, value, anything
  2. The Mauser 98 . . . .

    was a popular action for rebarreling to a number of cartridges after WW2.
    The Israeli armed forces converted a very large number to .308 caliber.

    So, you probably have a nice bolt action gun with no real collector value.

    I would enjoy shooting it and the Nazi markings can be a good conversation piece.
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    ^+1 Probably sporterized if no IDF markings.
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    Yes, definately an "Officers Mauser" if chambered in 308! The officers always carried a weapon of a different caliber than the lowly enlisted man. They also carried chrome plated pistols to set them apart.
    Don't know were you got the idea it is an "officers mauser", BUT there was NO SUCH THING!!!
    If it says 308 win on the bbl then it is a civilian sporterized rifle. The Isrealis were stamped 7.62 on the bbl.
    The only value is as a sporterized shooter since it has had the mfg code & date removed and is rebarreled.
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    And the real WWII German officers carried rifles chambered for sporting cartridges that would not exist for another decade!
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    Thanks guys dont know much about mausers and thought it strange to be chambered in 308