9mm ammo?

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    Hey guys,

    I hope I am posting this on the right spot. As the title suggests, is there any place to find 9mm fmj ammo that's under .40 cents a round? I am using alot of the big name sites (sgammo, gunbot etc.) Wondering if anyone has had any luck. I just recently bought a sig p320 and was only able to shoot my last 70rds through it. I WOULD LOVE to get to know her better. I am aware of the shortage, just figure I'd ask since I haven't seen anyone else ask on this forum recently. (If I'm even looking at the right pages lol)

    Thanks guys, hope you are all well!
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    At this point, you are pretty much SOL. It is hit and miss to find ANY available for sale, at ANY price. The thread titled "2000 Rounds of 9MM" pretty well covered the current situation.

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  3. ^^^too true...when the SHTF all ammo will be barter tooling worth lots....
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    One of the best things you can do is find some friends who are willing to spot you a bit of their stock (hopefully you know some people who are avid shooters and good friends and might encourage you as a part of "America's Homeland Security"--we the people--to learn the basics and become somewhat competent). You can pay them back later when and if things get back to 'normal' (if you haven't voted for Trump yet, I'd get out and do that right away too and maybe bring some others onboard with you--I doubt if the evil ones get in if you'll see the ammo situation abate anytime soon--like years).

    And IF things don't come apart in the next year, when things get back to normal, you can slap your own wrists and never get caught flat footed again. Buy LOTS when there's a glut and deals to be had. Properly stored ammo never goes bad. Unfortunately, with the amount of communist infiltration in our nation, there will not be stable supplies anytime soon and many of us saw this coming before it happened the last time around (resolving never to get caught out). So most avid shooters carry at least a couple years of inventory given the rate they shoot (and always will). Sorry I can't give you a more hopeful message but it's at least the truth given the huge level of uncertainty. When Trump gets re-elected things will settle down in maybe 5-6 months. All the manufacturers are maxed out; what is there is being bought at record levels. With a good re-election things will simmer down in a bit and there'll be lots of excess capacity so we'll see the days of 170-180/1K cases again.

    Most of now with 9s (who aren't reloading that cartridge) are still shooting from existing stocks. Many of us might be 'metering' (staying proficient but perhaps not cutting loose with the fun tickets too much). Or shooting other calibers for the time being. But it hasn't yet put a dent if you've done this right.
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