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  1. what is a good brand of 9mm defencive ammo, preferably JHP and lower recoil than standard loads, right now the only stuff i like to keep in my mags for defence is S&B because of the lower recoil for quick follow up shots, but they don't have hollow points, (or do they and i just havn't seen 'em?)
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    Triton Makes a good round as well as Cor-Bon. I wouldn't however, carry a reduced load for a defense round.

  3. Cor-bon, second choice-- win.silver tip.
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    If you can find them the Federal 9BP round has a good reputation. It is a 115gr JHP, it is a NON + P round. Because they are NON +P, they have the recoil of a standard 115 gr ball round. I have also heard that they tend to hit the same point of aim as ball. The Triton and Cor-Bon are also very good but they might be +P rounds.
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    S&B JHPs

    Sellier & Bellot makes 115 gr JHPs. They sell out almost the instant they hit the docks, or so it seems. I have only been able to get one case in the last 6-8 months. This is also true of their 124 gr offerings (LRN and SP, but no JHP).

    S&B 9x19 are not "reduced loads" by any standard. Advertised velocities are 1280 fps for the 115 FMJ and 1237 fps for the 115 JHP. S&B is much more "snappy" than US target/range ammo.

    I have shot several thousand rounds of S&B 9mm, and I would consider it a viable option for defense. Viable, but less than ideal. I am not an expert; in fact, I even advocate for the situational use of FMJ for defense...

    American commercial handgun ammo is the best in the world, particularly for personal defense. The better foreign ammo is almost as good, and much cheaper. I would trust S&B with my life. I have had ZERO failures with this ammo in my five handguns. In the end, placement is critical, and with S&B you could actually afford to shoot ONLY your carry round.

    Personally, I use Speer Gold Dots for defense! I also reload the 124 gr Gold Dot with 5.6 gr Power Pistol for some 9mm practice, though. After the mag in the pistol, the rest all stay loaded with S&B 115gr JHPs.
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    The previous post should have said: 124 gr Gold Dot with 5.6 gr Power Pistol.

    6.6 is too hot. It will potentially damage your pistol. Sorry folks.
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    all of the ammo listed in the previous posts i consider terrible for self defence. in my opinion only one ammo really worth considering magsafe.
    their 9mm swat and defender loads push close to 2000 fps and between 500 and 700 foot pounds of muzzle energy. the agent loads will defeat a treat level 2 vest.
    if you a sceptical obtain the demo video produced by magsafe with live fire wtih all the ammo brands side by side in 10% ordnance geletin, the only other ammo they recomend second is cor bond. the others make nice little wound channels or overpenetrate past 18 inches. if you cannot find it email me i will send it to you on cd play it in windows media player