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9x18 Ammo

Discussion in 'FEG' started by 1saxman, May 15, 2012.

  1. 1saxman

    1saxman G&G Newbie

    Received some Silver Bear JHP 9x18 today - nice-looking ammo with semi-copper jacket and nickel case. I also bought a box of Fiocchi FMJ which is also very nice and reloadable ammo.
  2. oldjarhead

    oldjarhead G&G Evangelist

    The Silver Bear is nickle plated steel case...don't try to reload it. I use Brown Bear and prefer it over Wolf.
    Fiocchi is good stuff for the most part...seems to be expensive here in my neck o'the woods.
    Let us know how it shoots for you.

  3. I have had good luck fiocchi ammuntion in that caliber as well. My CZ-82 loves that ammo.
  4. blaster

    blaster G&G Evangelist

    I like both Silver & Brown Bear ammo. I have never tried the Fiocchi but it has a good reputation.
    lately I have been loading my carry 9x18 pistols with alternating Silver Bear hollow pts and Brown Bear fmjs.
  5. 1saxman

    1saxman G&G Newbie

    I'm aware it's steel case, which I thought was common knowledge, needing no clarification. All 'nickel' cases are plated, either over brass or steel.
  6. 1saxman

    1saxman G&G Newbie

    Finally got around to shooting the PA-63 today. The Fiocchi was the only ammo I took for it, and it turned out to be very accurate. The sights need no adjustment at all and function was excellent. I really like this pistol and plan to carry it sometimes after I change the hammer spring to get a more reasonable double-action pull. I also took my 1982 Colt Government Model MK IV Series '70, which has incredible accuracy. This was a new indoor range with electronic range control on the target carrier. I ran it back to 45' (15 yards) for the .45ACP, and it shot right to point-of-aim with all shots within an 8" Shoot-n-See ball. This was offhand and standing, and I'm sure I can do better from a sandbag, but the pistol does it's part.
  7. Kaybe

    Kaybe G&G Evangelist

    Hornady makes a Critical Defense round in 9x18. I have gotten two boxes and it shoots just fine out of the PA-63
  8. I am buying my 9x18 mak Silver Bear ammo from a local shop and i am only paying $13.00 per box of 50, what a deal!!! I couldnt believe it, it may be a $1 or $2 cheaper online, but after shipping from online its cheaper buying it at my local shop here. And everyone told me that I was going to pay through the nose for ammo. HA! Not much more than Luger 9x19 ammo. One thing to say though is that nobody else in my town sells this ammo other than my local shop and Bimart (they can order it in for me :p)
  9. 1saxman

    1saxman G&G Newbie

    The Silver Bear JHPs ran through the PA63 like grease through a goose. Not as accurate as the Fiocchi but close enough for rock & roll. I completed that spring change, and it made all the difference in the world. The thing is tame as a kitten now.