9X18 B.West ammo ??? Question

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  1. Dear members and guest I have a question about a cartridge my son found at the state park he's a ranger at.
    This park has a gun museum and one day last week he was looking through box's of old ammo and ran across 1 cartridge that was 9 X 18
    It had a red substance around the crimp area and around the primer.
    On the rim it said 9X18 B.West or b.west.

    If you can provide any information he and I would appreciated it...A.H
  2. billy

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    Manufacturer: TCW (Tula Cartridge Works) Tula, Russia
    Headstamp: B West 9x18
    Cartridge Case: Bi-metal, Berdan primed, corrosive primer
    Bullet: 105.2-gr (1 measured), steel-cased copper-coated bullet with flat exposed-lead base
    Magnetic: Cartridge case and bullet jacket are magnetic

    OAL (ins)
    Range: 0.972 – 0.978
    Avg: 0.976

    Velocity: (fps)
    Range: 912 – 943
    Avg: 930
    ES: 31
    SD: 10

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    Probably from a Makarov...
  4. Thanks guys !!! And billy I will send the info you provided to my son.

    WOW what great information !!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hi fellers I own and carry a CZ 82 that shoots 9x18 mak. Would any of you happen to know why there's some red stuff like Red Loc Tite where the bullet is crimped and around the primer ?
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    It is a waterproof sealer...Usually laquer !