9x18 Makarov?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Bryan Williams, Apr 21, 2002.

  1. Bryan Williams

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    How does a 9x18 Makarov shell compare to a normal 9mm shell?
    Bryan :gangster:
  2. jarcp

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    two things, while the 9mm luger is 9x19, the 9mm mak. is 9x18. as well the bullets are .365 rather than .355. So actually the 9mm mak is a 9.3mm but hey who's counting right?

  3. Bryan Williams

    Bryan Williams Guest

    thanks, but I meant in terms of knock down/velocity.
    Basically what I'm asking is a 9x18 a good defense and plinking caliber?
  4. Doglips

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    I dont own one..I know those who do are a rabid cult like following..My understanding is that its between a 380 (9x17) and 9mm Parabelum (9x19)....Ill post a link to a Mak board. I keep meaning to get one but usaly end up picking up some more expensive toy instead....just luck of the draw more than anything else. From what I ve read a lot of people swear by them..seems to be a good CCW and back up pistol..
    Here is the link...let us know what you find out..

  5. denfoote

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    Doglips is right. The 9x18 Mak round is between the 9mm Luger and the 9mm Kurz. However, it closer to the Kurz. It will do the job, though!!! :gangster:
  6. Calvin

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    The Makarov is very effective if loaded with the Cor-Bon or Hornady XTP load. They are accurate, and the **** things hardly ever wear out. I've got 3 of each of 'em, and wouldn't trade any of them for anything. I know of many police officers and postal inspectors who use them as back-up and off-duty carry guns. They are simpler than a Walther, although some people dislike the mag release on the Makarovs.
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  7. jarcp

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    in my opinion, the mak's have sufficent knockdown power to be useful, but come in a great small package. The only complaint I've ever had is that the recoil is a bit painful after too many shots.
  8. Cranky-Kraut

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    The 9x18 Makarov load is not so mean as many calibres used these days in the USA, etc but keep in mind. The Makarov was the standard Police and Military side-arm in East Germany and most of the Eastern Block. Our Police carried them all the way until late 1990.

    The Mak is simple, easy to use and will clearly take down a target if need be. The danger in this day and age is that unlike in Pre-Glasnost Eastern Europe, if you encounter an armed criminal he is likely to be carrying something bigger than your Mak.
  9. Dennis

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    Pistols are a very personal choice.
    I like the MAK for several reasons. first off I am able to shoot it accurately with my big flipper like hands.
    I cant fire a walther PPK as well(to small)
    2nd it functions with utmost reliability
    3rd it is still smaller than a "fullsize"pistol and fits in my coat pocket comfortably.
    4th it is made out of STEEL and is robust in its construction.
    5th simple to dissasemble and clean.
    6th It is only a small thing but I like haveing the front line weapon of our former enemy in My collection. One of the fruits of winning the cold war.
    These are the same guns the KGB carryed
    It means something to me to have one.
    Last and most important is I LIKE EM.
    I know I kinda got off the original topic

    The 9x18 is like a .380 on steroids
    it is not as powerful as 9mm parabellum
    It is the most powerful carterige you can get in a NON locked breach pistol in the world.
    it was made that way on purpose.
  10. Kyrie

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    Hi Dennis,

    No offense intended, and purely FWIW, the Makarov is not “It is the most powerful carterige you can get in a NON locked breach pistol in the world.â€￾ The Astra Model 600 is chambered for the 9x19 Luger, the Astra Model 400 is chambered for the 9x23 Largo, and the JoLoAr was chambered for the .45 ACP - and all these pistols are straight blowback.

    Conversely, the Star Model S and Savage Model 1917 are both chambered for the .380 ACP - and are locked breech pistols.

    Whether a pistols is locked breech or straight blowback is determined by the designer’s whim - not the “powerâ€￾ of the cartridge.

    Best regards,

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  11. Dennis

    Dennis G&G Evangelist

    Yea you are right. The "in the world " comment may have been over the top.
    Still a good pistol though
  12. artnkaren

    artnkaren Guest

    If you checkout www.makarov.com, you will find out almost anything you could possibly want to know about the Mak. Also
    you can order from them a book called The Ultimate Makarov which is excellent and covers anything that the Mak website doesn't
  13. jpaulghetto

    jpaulghetto Guest

    i'dlike to add that in 30 years of fooling with auto pistols i've never had a pistol as completely reliable as my russian commercial. it has never, in aproximatly 5000 rds, malfunctioned!!!
  14. Klaus

    Klaus Guest

    I used to have a Stallard .45 ACP blowback pistol. The slide was a huge chunk of cast iron.
  15. FEG

    FEG Guest

    9X18: Pros and Cons

    Pros: This is a relatively powerful cartridge (more like .38 Special than .380 in terminal effect). The pistols that chamber it max out around $330 NIB (CZ and Radom). PA-63s cost about $100. All pistols in this caliber are perfectly reliable with FMJ. Russian commercial steel-cased ammo (i.e. Wolf and Brown Bear) is very cheap and works well in these pistols. 9X18 is very easy to handload, as it is straight-walled with a relatively low capacity.

    Cons: What you save on the pistol, you will spend on ammo. Steel-cased ammo is cheap, but steel and aluminum cased 9X19 is even cheaper. 9X18 brass cased ammo and reloading components are even more relatively expensive, especially as compared to 9X19 Parabellum. Theoretically JHPs are a waste of time in 9X18, because supersonic velocity is right around max pressure for this cartridge. (In other words, you are really pushing the gun to obtain what will be a subsonic velocity after penetrating heavy clothing). Many 9X18 pistols do not feed JHPs well at all, unless they have an ogive profile similar to FMJ. The 9X18 shooter does not have nearly the same options in loaded ammo and components as a .380 shooter.

    Final analysis: 9X18 is an attractive option for new shooters as neither the pistols nor steel-cased ammo is expensive. 9X18 makes for an interesting reloading project and COULD save money, but you would be doing to enhance performance more than anything. (Wolf is pretty cheap by the case). Ultimately, you will neither save money nor match the performance of a compact 9mm Parabellum pistol. Most people who are into 9X18 seem to be more interested in Eastern European firearms than the terminal performance of the round. (That is more or less my own case, but I like the round in of itself too).
  16. denfoote

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    That is just theory of course!!! ;)
  17. 12_guage

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    I bought a Polish Makarov that has a safey lever that pushes up to fire. That is the reason I bought it- because I was trained on the Beretta 92F regretfully. Anyway the pistol shoots well, but the trigger pull is horrendous. It must be a 12 pound trigger.

    Do they make any drop in triggers I can buy to reduce the pull on this pistol?

    I know they have drop in triggers for Marlin rifles and such.

    Just asking.
  18. FutureMarine

    FutureMarine G&G Newbie

    just go to single action dude. I like the double action. i get good accuracy when when i get a chance to slack slowly. love the makarov
  19. makarovnik

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    No need to use hollowpoints in a true makarov pistol. They tumble on impact and rip the crap out of flesh. There's more to terminal ballistics than expansion, velocity and energy transfer. Makarovs ruuuule!
  20. My respect for the 9 X 18 Mak round is well voiced.

    I will say this...if I get into a close ranged gun fight whoever is up against me had better be better than I am with the Mak...mine is deadly accurate and I hit what I shoot at with mine.

    It's all about self confidence....confidence in the gun and if you can hit what you want with it.

    I am...I am...I can.